IGPs will die-out by 2013, say researchers

Intel claims that its motherboard chipsets with integrated graphics currently command 50 percent of the PC graphics market, but researchers at Jon Peddie Research (JPR) reckon that the days of the integrated graphics processor could be seriously numbered, and predicts that their market share will dwindle to practically nothing by 2013.

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Chuck Norris4005d ago

Doesn't even matter. The world will end in 2012 anyways.

TruthBTold4005d ago

I read the title and I was going to come in here and write the same thing. Time is running out.

Proxy4004d ago

At least according to a high and mighty society and their calendar.

BTW, that society no longer exists.

ThatOneGuyThere4004d ago

obviously they weren't THAT smart...

ExcelKnight4005d ago

It could really go either way. Integrated graphics are used on many (almost all) budget laptops, most levels of notebooks and even some low-budget PCs.

Problem is, techies will always want to upgrade a modular PC. If I had to buy a new motherboard every time I wanted better graphics, you can see why I wouldn't even bother with PC gaming after a while. On the other hand, people who don't game seriously just don't want to care about a 90$ graphics card. Integrated is the best way to go if you aren't looking for gaming or advanced OS features (which a lot of basic consumers don't care for).

FantasyStar4004d ago

Agreed, people who don't care for gaming will want the most budget-conscious graphics setup and IGPs just happen to be right up that alley. The article makes a point about the declining price on GFX Cards, however I feel the article contradicted itself when it brought up S3 and VIA. Intel and Nvidia would rather commit Seppuku than let IGPs die out without a fight.