DC Review: Left 4 Dead

DC writes: "Valve has released a damn solid co-op survival horror game that focuses heavily on team work, opposed to a "John Rambo" style of game play that can be seen in other multiplayer and co-op games. Provided the game can get tedious when you've memorized the layout of every map , for some reason I'm still drawn to this game and shooting a throng of zombies that are bum rushing a team of four with automatic rifles doesn't get old (well, not yet for me anyhow). I haven't had this much fun killing the undead with friends since Zombies Ate my Neighbors. Hopefully you will have fun with this title as well."

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Slinger4203998d ago

This is one of my favorite games of all time. Such a simple concept that is sooooo addicting :)

jomigirock3998d ago

So true, it's very addicting only when you have good teammates.