Dutch Gaming Charts: Killzone 2 sells more than Halo Wars

PS3Hype writes: 'Today the Dutch Gaming Charts are released, and it is the second week for Killzone 2 in Holland. But the first for Halo Wars. Halo Wars is in the top 3 of the game sales, but Killzone 2 is selling more than Halo Wars and Wii Fit (witch is on the second place)'.

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Mcrmarcher4010d ago (Edited 4010d ago )

Deserves it, Killzone 2 is an amazing game, well done GG!

'Go to the corner cafe/hash bar
Get stoned
Go home
Play Killzone 2'


Nelson M4010d ago

They Finish work
Go to the corner cafe/hash bar
Get stoned
Go home
Play Killzone 2

dalibor4010d ago (Edited 4010d ago )

They complete Killzone 3
Go to the cafe/hash bar
Buy Samuel Adams b*tch & black widow
Fista cup the beers
Get drunk & stoned
Then play co-op in Killzone 3 while listening to some rage against the machine(in game)

macalatus4010d ago

The Netherlands should declare the release date of KZ2 as a national holiday!!

theKiller4010d ago

that was funny and maybe true,
bubble for u

dazzalfc4010d ago

Teh PS3 needs Saaaaviiing!!!1!1!!

It haz nor Exklusivves!!!

NPD!!! NPD!!! NPD!!!

etc etc and whatever else those numpty fanboys come out with

Trebius4010d ago

The two should not even be compared...

It is interesting that a Halo title is not selling so well, but all things's really not meant to sell as many as the FPS Halos did. It wasnt as heavily marketed either...from what i've seen.

KZ2 is going to do very well though...without a doubt. Comparing it to HW just doesnt make sense to me though...

jadenkorri4010d ago

but the 360 fanboys need something to compare it too thats up todate, comparing it to halo 3 thats 1-1/2 year old game is pointless, cause the newer one looks better always.

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The story is too old to be commented.