DC Review: Major League Baseball 2K9

DC writes: "Gameplay: Several new features and changes supplement an already deep baseball game, but there are some troublesome AI issues that occur too often for comfort...

Presentation: I really enjoyed the new commentary package and was impressed with the realistic atmosphere that it helped develop, along with broadcast style camera work, crisp visuals, and smooth animations. A fine showing overall.

Value: In many ways this is a great baseball baseball sim, but it's hard to overlook the important issues in the AI; patches may help, but they aren't a sure thing. Additionally, for those who have 2K8, the new features may not be enough to justify the price of admission, especially given the volume of high end titles this month.

Fun Factor: If you're like me you need to spend some time in Practice, but once you get the hang of the controls, find a difficulty level and adjust game settings to suit your style of play, there's certainly some fun to be had, but you'll have to forgive some of the unpredictable AI behavior."

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