DC Review: Star Ocean: The Last Hope

DC writes: "With a run-of-the-mill storyline, over-the-top (and occasionally grating) voice acting, and some questionable gameplay decisions, one might expect Star Ocean: The Last Hope to qualify as merely average. But it's the intangibles that rescue it from mediocrity and render it highly engaging in spite of its flaws.

After some 35 hours of gameplay in preparation for this review, it's become clear to me that The Last Hope is greater than the sum of its parts. Maybe it's the equal parts dark subject matter and lighthearted charm, or maybe it's the massive scope and seemingly bottomless depth to every aspect of the experience, but something about The Last Hope provides a force of attraction that is able to overcome the dreariness of its shortcomings.

Provided you can withstand the cheesy spoken dialogue and you don't mind some superfluity here and there (well, practically everywhere), you'll find that The Last Hope delivers one of the deepest and richest Xbox 360 RPG experiences around."

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