Will Android Overtake The iPhone Come 2012?

The iPhone's lead over smartphone upstart Android is set to be short-lived, according to new research. Android smartphone sales will outstrip iPhone sales by 2012, a report by industry watchers Informa Telecoms & Media has predicted.

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ZuperAmazingCooKie4004d ago

Anything can dethrone the iPhone and the iPod. The problem is that nobody has provided a much better alternative even though there are companies that could do it. Either it's too expensive or for some odd reason they don't know how.

randomwiz4004d ago

It may but the Android needs to get a lot sexier. HTC has made some really amazingly looking phones(Diamond, Touch Pro, Touch HD), but the Android is not one of them.

Leio4003d ago

With the look it have now = no fuking way

RussDeBuss4003d ago

Thats what they need.
HTC have been leaders in smartphones, but held back by using windows mobile. If android develops into a good os, then maybe a htc phone with android and touch-flo could be a good pairing.

i was tempted to get an iphone 3g, but tales of battery not even lasting a day, no blu tooth file transfer, no mms. just lack of basic phone features has put me off.

freediro4003d ago

Of course android sales will take over! There will be multiple companies on multiple carriers making android phones and well only Apple makes the iPhone only on at&t!

WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW this guy is a genius, lets make a headline that will get my website hits because i put up a controversial headline, i fucl<ing hate most of the journalism in the current gaming community that believes they are professional and they are just loser sitting at home jerking themselves off!

dragunrising4003d ago

People seem to think the Android will blow past all competing Os's...Wrong. The Palm Pre is just one example. Blackberry is another. The iPhone isn't going anywhere. LG and HTC are showing off more Window Mobile 6.5 phones than not. The author of this article needs to read as they would learn a lot. The sheer number of phones that were introduced at the recent Mobile World Congress indicates that EVERYONE is trying to jump into the smartphone business. Not more than a couple Android phones were introduced. Here's the link:


Theoneneo814003d ago

if apple doesnt hold a lawsuit for touchscreen infringments apple's interm ceo said they are gonna really start to pursue people who cut into pattents apple has made with the iPhone.

tmt3454003d ago

The iPhone isn't going anywhere, the Pre will be successful but not to the consumer market like the iPhone is. The Pre and Android could have phones twice as good as the iPhone, but the iPhone bears the Apple name, which garners almost guaranteed success. The Pre and Android are just for the techie people and business, the iPhone is for the rest of us.

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