Is Capcom revealing too much about Resident Evil 5?

MattG of HipHopGamer Writes:

Everyday it seems like there is a new boss reveal, a new gameplay mode, another trailer, and more screenshots for Resident Evil 5. Now this isn't someone leaking this stuff to the public, it's official Capcom trailers and such. Why is Capcom doing this? Is Capcom revealing too much about the game to the public? Will it ruin the surprise for some gamers?

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TrevorPhillips4010d ago

they sure are and thats not good for the Resident Evil fans out there, but the best way to avoid these spoilers is to ingore them till the game releases which is march 12th for AUS and march 13th for USA.

Agent-X - Hiphopgamer

ExcelKnight4010d ago (Edited 4010d ago )

The game's out in Japan. Most fans already cleared the game and know what the story is, which they relayed to the rest of the world.

Thing is, people even managed to hack the demo to get to file names that weren't cleaned prior to its release. We had names, all we needed was the story to go with them. Now that we have both, is this article really necessary anymore?

Oh, let's not forget how the game was leaked two weeks early. It's pretty hard to keep a secret when that happens.

Cwalat4010d ago

Quick and truthfull answer to title question:


It's all those writers and gamers who bought it early from Japan that are spoiling everything.

sinncross4010d ago

I hate articles like this...

who cares... if ur really interested in RESI5 ud keep up with the news, if you dont wish to know alot before playing you'll limit how much info you take in.

MattG4010d ago

I wrote this article just for you because I know you hate them. Enjoy :)