New Sony PS3 for $183 | Best Deal on the Net or Scam? reports on, another site in a long line of scams being run on the internet. currently lists items such as a new Sony PS3 for $183.

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FaSeCeX4003d ago

or its 183 + bonus activities u must perform ;) lol

Myst4003d ago

I agree and go with scam, it's like the many offers of the net that say do such and such survey and in the surveys you must provide your information (As well as credit card majority of the time). If it did indeed does turn out to be a scam (Which I strongly believe it is) I hope no one gets hit by it...

silvacrest4003d ago

someone will get hit by it

someone always does....

beardpapa4003d ago

Yea probably one of those extra activities you have to sign up and do, just like back when the PSP came out and you could get one for free if you signed up with stuff. The PS3 could be had for cheap. Dell did sell the PS3 for I believe $319.99 a couple weeks ago but it sold and expired quickfast. PS3 for cheap. Possible. PS3 for $183. Hmm.

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Dawn_Of_Ashes4003d ago

everything seems legit, im gonna take 2 ps3 at this price. Everybody should know that there is no scammer on teh interwebz!

Elven64003d ago

Alot of crap is getting approve lately, slow news week?

Hallucinate4003d ago

are you serious... this could prevent someone from falling into reporting scams should always be approved

n4gn4gn4gn4g4003d ago (Edited 4003d ago )

Edit: I give a useful link that shows this website is a scam and I get disagrees? Maybe I don't understand this community at all.

thenickel4003d ago

Well this is gaming news or info so thanks for the heads up.

glennc4003d ago

they have all these in depth specs on the product pages and they mysteriously don't know the color system for each console. Color Support: Color.

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