TT: Gaming's Hottest Babes -II

Techtree continue their appraisal of gamings hottest babes. The first to be featured is Nariko. For a girl who is cursed, she is quite a looker. She carries around a really large sword and single handedly fights an army, without messing her hair. This is one girl, you don't want to mess with.

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astrobrights4001d ago

I may be alone on this one (not sure) but the whole breaking posts that could be a page or two max into 7 just seems like a way to manipulate statistics and boost page view numbers. I have no clue why sites (even the big ones) continue to do this. When I see it, I close the window. Just being honest. I know people were doing this in the early days of blogging to be more like magazines, but web articles should not be like print articles. Just my thoughts.

buffalo10663999d ago

well its so lazy people dont scroll to the bottom to find out the ending and actually read what the person has written.

anyway nariko was cool i didnt like her voice at all. the 1 who does her voice is good lookin too but she has 1 seriousily ugly voice

GiantEnemyFlop3999d ago

what with "top hottest girls" topic these days, i don't mind it though but they must put some semi nude pic if they want my blessing

Danieru sho3999d ago

As is murder and singing a mick jagger song in public restrooms. Anyway, please, if ure going to talk about hot female characters, make sure thats the title, or somethng similar at least. I got the impression that you were referring to female gamers who are hot!! If u know any, or are one (jus a female, am desperate u see) email me at [email protected]