10 'offensive' iPhone apps Apple blocked

PC Advisor: "Apple has insisted on full control over its iTunes App Store, which offers downloadable software for the iPhone and the iPod Touch. This has irked more than a few app developers, especially when their creations have been rejected for inclusion in the store, for on occasions, silly reasons.

The company won't reveal much about its mysterious and often seemingly-arbitrary process (representatives didn't respond to multiple requests to comment on this story), but we had no problem tracking down developers whose apps had been snubbed. So here are our favourite 10 iPhone apps that Apple saw fit to ban."

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Timesplitter143998d ago

why are corporations trying so hard to be evil?

andron3998d ago

I would say this list doesn't contain much evil. Other than exposing Apples dictatorial ways.

Their seem to have very random and closed way of dealing with unwanted apps. Not a good move to combat homebrew on their products...

LoVeRSaMa3998d ago

My iPhone is Jailbroken anyway, I downloaded podcaster and its really cool, Apple are competing against themselves?

Magna Farta3998d ago

....has been hitting new lows everyday for the past 5 or so years.

Ever since the Ipod became a social requirement for acceptance, Apple's been riding the Polictical Correctness High Horse all the way to the bank. Then when the iPhone came out, it unleashed a legendary surge of hipsterdom.

I remember when Apple went against the status quo. And they were doing oddball marketing and having fun with their products. Now, Steve Jobs came back more bitter than ever and decided that since people made the iPod and iPhone so important, he can use that influence to enforce Gestapo-like restriction on iPhone applications.

I remember subscribing to MacAddict magazine as a kid. It came with a CD every month with a ton of indie Mac Games, one series in particular was the "Slick Willie" games, which lampooned the whole Bill Clinton sex scandal that was all the rage when I was 15. Try to release a game like that now, and Steve Jobs will send his Sensitivity Focus Squad to your door and give you a list of how many groups of people it offends.

Long story short...Apple sucks, and they haven't gotten a dime from me in 10 years, considering they've sucked since MAC OS9