New trailer for The Conduit, debut trailer for Boom Blox Bash Party

A new trailer for The Conduit and the debut trailer for Boom Blox Bash Party have been released.

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Durffen4000d ago

For some reason, the game looks better then it ever has before in that trailer. And I mean waaay better. I pretty much shocked that this really is all on Wii for some reason.

Chris3994000d ago (Edited 4000d ago )

I have a Wii and I love it (check my comments before spamming 'disagree'). But I have to say that everything about this game looks generic to the extreme.

Aliens and an invasion - check
Men In Black (who appear to be zombies rising from the Earth, wtf?) - check

The environments, enemies and general artistic design are completely uninspired in that they lack originality and don't seem to have a style of their own.

The only thing that distinguishes this game from it's peers, is that it has light gun controls and it is on the Wii. There are much better shooters on the market and far greater graphics to be found on the Wii, as well.

I'll wait for the reviews/ user opinions on this one before plopping down any cash. It's likely that I will try this at some point, to see what all the hype is about; however from an unproven developer, with the game looking as average as it does, it's probably a rental at best.

ChickeyCantor4000d ago (Edited 4000d ago )

Chris its suppose to be cliche since most of their ideas are derived from other games. They didnt care if they are being called: people who ripp-off it was their intention to bring different idea's from other games into one pack.

Their environment is based on a real city, so what do you expect XD.

Regardless of how the art work is, their engine shows what the Wii can do ( and beyond?) and how the Wii mote could be used for a great FPS game.

Its a cliche game, but it doesnt mean its gonna be bad =D

Chris3994000d ago (Edited 4000d ago )

just painfully generic. On top of that it'll be full price too. It's simply not worth the investment for me.

If it turns out to be campy and tounge-in-cheek, like House of the Dead: OK, it might actually be a decent game. But from all the developer interviews and footage that I've seen so far, the creators of The Conduit seem to be taking their game waaaaaaaay too seriously.

I agree though that it nicely shows off the Wii's capabilities. Lair showed off the PS3's rendering muscle brilliantly, and look how that turned out.

P.S. Despite having a difference of opinion, my respect (and bubbles) to Sidar for actually stating his view-point as opposed to hammering 'disagree'. Anyone can click a web-link, try making an actual statement sometime.

ChickeyCantor4000d ago

Ofcourse they are taking their game serious, they put lots of their own investment in it. They took lots of riscs with this game.

But how can you go wrong if the controls are fully customizable?
On top of that the gfx looks far better than 99% out there(on the Wii).

Now im not in for the gfx, if the controls work great its worth the full price( to me that is). I don't even mind the artstyle, if the game plays great i dont think the cliche aliens will be in your way...since you will be shooting at them with joy xD.

I have said it like a gazillion times, if retro studio could use this engine i wonder how metroid prime would look like.

Lair wasn't great control wise, but from everyone who played it did say that the controls are great. Again you can fully customize can't really go bad.

Nugan4000d ago (Edited 4000d ago )

As far as the how derivative the game's environment will be, I think it's too early to tell.

If the game really makes the most of its Washington D.C. setting, utilizing lots of real interior and exterior locations (particularly iconic locations like Capitol Hill, the various monuments, the pentagon, etc.), then I think it has a chance of really distinguishing itself. However, if it goes mainly for dim alleys and florescent lights + gun metal catwalk spaceship interiors, then it will probably look pretty uninspired.

Either way, atmosphere (or graphics at all, really) will not be what motivates me to buy this game (or not buy it). My primary interests are control and game depth. If High Voltage can offer controls that are as tight as those in MP3 and as highly customizable as they claim and plenty of engaging content, then I will buy the game, regardless of whether its level are set a public bathroom at IRS Headquarters or a dark space colony on one of the moons of Mars.

SinnedNogara3999d ago


The game isn't generic. The game is very different from other FPS games on the Wii and this generation in general.

The game is different. The weapons (except for the human weapons) are completely unique. How many weapons do you see that fire two bolts that wrap around a enemy??? None, right.

The game is being made from the ground up a Wii exclusive game. There are weapons in the game that are controlled with the Wii Remote by twisting it.

The plot puts you as a secret service agent. You are not assigned to protect the world, but rather to investigate what the hell is going on! You fight enemies in the game, but hey, if I was attacked by aliens and I was a SS agent, I would fight them off.

The aliens look kinda generic, but come on, what are the aliens supposed to look like? Giant four legged worms?? Besides, what else has the FPS genre used as enemies?

Zombies--Left 4 Dead just came out, that would be copying

Nazis--World War II Shooter, we've seen 1 billion of those. Besides it is a WWII game, you know what the ending will be.

Terrorists-Call of Duty 4, but there are some alien controlled terrorists in the game

Confederates--It was in one of those History Channel shooters

Aliens--You can do pretty much whatever you want with aliens. There are few alien FPS games on Wii, so this is wide open.

Demons--That is just copying Doom.


Bugs--Save it for WiiWare (ONSLAUGHT)

You see. It is not generic. I believe Shoko put a video about it on YouTube.

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Shnazzyone4000d ago

ooh.. conduit looks better then ever and bash party has online level trading. Very sweet.

ChaoticStupid4000d ago

Yeah I am probably more excited for Boom Blox at this point because the 1st one was just so much fun. It even got one of my friends who never plays anything but PS to play the Wii and actually buy the system and the game. Space levels, better tools for created levels, and level sharing? Hell yeah cant wait.

SinnedNogara4000d ago

They showed a little bit of multiplayer. That looked very sweet, especially with the Razor Cannon. The game looks very great and keeps getting better. The only thing we need a cover-art for the game (and if we are very lucky, the red Pay and Play logo). I can't wait. I had the WiiSpeak since Christmas, just for that game.

If the game gets at least a 8 out of 10, a good Metacritic score, and a 4 out of 5 from X-Play, I'll create a article that will allow us to share Friend Codes on N4G.

Since there is a 90% chance it will, see you there in June!

4000d ago
Microsoft Xbox 3604000d ago (Edited 4000d ago )

Graphics is on par with Halo 3.

Louievillesluggns4000d ago (Edited 4000d ago )

The Conduit just made me beautiful

Edit: I cant stop lookig a the trailer thank you HVS

"I'll be laming out and wear my HVS shirt I won from that contest they had when I go pick up my copy"

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