Sony's Triple Threat To Winning The War; Power, Free Online, & Blu-Ray

We've all seen the power 360 has to offer and it was limited on Gears of War 2. Online play and features continue to grow with new content flooding in the store every Thursday; it is amazing how far the PS3's online experience has come since launch date.

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ape0074008d ago

I want infamous so bad

It looks amazing\addictive\innovative

I hope it sets a new standard for open world games

we will see ps3's power giving this open world game life

cough...gta 4...cough

I really wish gta 5 be ps3 exclusive

RememberThe3574008d ago

I remember the GameInformer interview with one of the guys from Rockstar where he said the DVD storage issue would become a problem in future games. So we'll see.

And i can't wait for Infamous either. It looks freakin fun.

legendkilla4008d ago

im looking forward to a bunch of games RE5, Infamous, GT5, God of War, Fat Princess, M.A.G, Heavy Rain, its going to be a good year.

Wenis4008d ago

Don't talk about Sony "winning the war" until it actually is. Because right now it appears to be in dead last.

kwicksandz4008d ago

From last to first is a big jump and im not sure the ps3 can pull it off in the current market.

And ape there is no chance of gta5 being exclusive now that rockstar have seen their sales figures on 360.

Montreafart4008d ago

1) Power
2) Blu Ray
3) Free online
4) The games
5) Future proof. Harddisk, Cell, Blue tooth, keyboard & mouse, SD card reader, PSP compatibility, browser, PSN store, HOME etc ensures years of fun. Cant say the same for the competitor.

PS3 is simply the ultimate console. And I feel sorry for those who do not have one.

"but, but, but...MGS4 is just one game and Im still not buying the console for just one game"

Anyone can tell you how dumb the above comment is, because anyone can simply look at the release list and see the greatest line up ever. And now it is 2009 and MGS4 is just one of the many Triple A's. People who have been saying the above, have been proven to be idiots with no foresight at all and people who need to get their fking finances straight.

Chris3994007d ago (Edited 4007d ago )

I don't think so. And you really have to question MS' figures as well. A quote from an interview with Robbie Bach that you might find illuminating.

"Q: Doesn’t it surprise you that fans are saying I want my third or I want my fourth replacement console?
A: It speaks to the power of the product offering and service we provide. That’s my point. In the ordinary course of something like this, you would expect it to show up in the customer reaction data. We just haven’t seen that. It speaks to the fact that they love their games and Xbox Live. Does it frustrate them? Yes. On the other hand, they know we’re taking care of them. People have a certain amount of respect for that. If it had happened on a product that had less baseline customer satisfaction, it would have had a bigger impact. We really haven’t seen that."

Now if you think that they don't count a broken console as "shipped", you're being delusional. That alone calls the majority of their sales into question, and personally it irritates me that NOT ONE journalist has relentlessly pursued them on the issue of actual failure rates/ consoles shipped.

I've had 2 360s in 9 months. They won't be getting a third sale from me if this one goes. Sure, the games are decent, but they don't warrant the amount of frustration over the quality of the hardware. I don't see the logic in blindly defending or repeatedly purchasing a product that is, without a doubt, faulty.

When I got my replacement unit from EB (under warranty, of course, I will never 'pay' for another 360), after shuffling around the sealed boxes to get a look at the information beside the sku, I discovered something interesting. Did you know that they're still packaging 12v, 16.5 amp motherboards (Xenon or Zephyr) in the "new" PRO holiday bundles? The clerk and I had to DIG just to find one that wasn't all but guaranteed to melt on me.

By comparison, I've had a launch model PS3, a DS that I've dropped more times that I can count, a PSP that get's daily use for games/ music and a Wii that all work like champions.

Defend the games all you want, but don't defend the hardware or the clearly unethical, unscrupulous nature of MS.

theKiller4007d ago

1: power
2: free online
3: quality games
4: blue ray

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ape0074008d ago

is getting bigger each week and according to locust-star

it's just s tip of the iceberg

can't wait to watch gdc 09 @ home

RememberThe3574008d ago

They're going to do that?! I'm there.

LONEWOLF2314008d ago

Hell yeah count me in as

Godmars2904008d ago

But when did they announce something like that for GDC?

Graphics4008d ago

HHG with its bs articles.... you will never be up their because of your bs fan boy articles like this.. KZ2 shows that developers need to take time to develop games? so u want a game every 4 years?

Hallucinate4008d ago

obviously you know absolutly nothing about took them 2 years to make engine and 2 years to make the yea now that the engine is done they should be pumping out new games every 2 years

4008d ago
RememberThe3574008d ago

Killzone 2 was as much a learning experience for GG as it was development time for Sony.

I would be surprised to see the next Killzone in 2 years.

Zeus Lee4008d ago

There is absolutely 0 chance of GTA5 being a Ps3/Ps4 exclusive.Zero.

Don't forget,we're talking about a company(Rockstar)that agreed to 100 Million dollars in cash(50 Million was the advance)from Microsoft to provide exclusive Downloadable Content for the 360 version of GTA4.They literally have no whatsoever care for utilizing powerful hardware to provide a revolutionary experience on 1 platform,they see money=They bend over.

I mean,think about it-There's about 5 Million Ps3 owners with a copy of GTA4 that aren't able to play 'The Lost And The Damned' add-on due to Rockstars poor decision making.Watch as Rockstar/Take-Two blame Sony and the Ps3 for poor performance of the DLC once it hits PC and Ps3 after the exclusivity window is up,watch them-as many other Western developers-blame Sony for their own mistakes.

This is exactly why I laugh at everyone that thinks LA Noire will be a Ps3 exclusive,Microsoft are literally going to spend Millions of dollars in making sure this game hits their platform with exclusive DLC-You wait and see.

RememberThe3574008d ago

I would call the balancing it out. For all we know the next GTA could be one of those exclusives.

Hallucinate4008d ago

but they didnt say which games were exlusives..i bet rockstar could use pong,tetris and pacman as those exclusives

Myst4008d ago

All the PS3 really needs right now is some RPGs that are equivalent to those of the PS2 Generation. :) Have almost everything to fill the online and shooter void, but RPG wise (Ones such as Rogue Galaxy and a star ocean or something along those lines would be nice right about now :).)

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