Gamefocus: The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena Demo Impressions

Gamefocus writes: "If you owned an Xbox you should have but probably didn't, based on its original sales, played the best first person shooter on Microsoft's original console or the Directors version for those who played it on PC. It was and still is the best movie to game video game of all time because of several reasons. It did not screw around and try to be the 2nd Riddick movie but mostly it was because one of the producers was Vin Diesel himself who is a real gamer (not one of those, "oh ya I am a gamer and play that Mario game on that Sony system the Xbox" actors we see so often). He wanted greatness and he got it. For a single player game there was no better and more visceral experience than the first Chronicles of Riddick game".

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SprayandPreycom4004d ago

so i can play it on my sega gamecube

thereapersson4004d ago

I'm gonna be playing this on my Super Pretendo, with its Tera-drive disc format.

I'm goin' BEYOND-beyond-HD, lol...

rbluetank4003d ago (Edited 4003d ago )

good stuff! you guy's!

rbluetank4003d ago

the mp looks very bad....the game when from must buy to rent for trophies and return status.

here you go!!!