ThePSN: Noby Noby Boy Review

The PSN writes: "Overall, I think the game is amazing. It manages to do so much whilst actually doing nothing. Like I said before, who thought a game with no objecitves, no dialogue, and no direct goal other than to stretch could be so good? I hope this is something that Takahashi will take into his next project, because I think a lot of people are excited about that now.

I couldn't believe how much I enjoyed this game and with a price point of £3.19/$5 you can't really go wrong. Take heed and download this game right away. You're gonna love it, it just might take a little time".

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Marcan214000d ago

this game is so great on weed you can't imagine how you truly understand nothing !
worth the 5 bucks for the 5 minutes max easy gold trophy, got 74 % in about 2h00... using a guide because they are truly impossible to guess