IGN: MLB 09: The Show Review

While the Show on the PS2 is still an engaging and enjoyable game, it's definitely been overshadowed by the other versions on Sony's other systems. The visuals are getting a bit worn, and some of the changes feel like they weaken elements of the game, like those made to the fielding. While there is a lot more depth thanks to the Franchise mode, there are so few changes that this is almost a repeat of last year's game.

Presentation - 7.5
Graphics - 7.5
Sound - 8.0
Gameplay - 7.0
Lasting Appeal - 7.5
Overall -

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callahan094000d ago

Just in case anybody doesn't read very carefully, this is for the PS2 version, not the PS3 version. (Please add PS2 to title)

ParanoidMonkey4000d ago

Incorrect score too - it got a 7.3, not 7.2!

SasanovaS7774000d ago

yea i was that low? smd

butterfinger4000d ago

Bloodmask, like most on this site, is a fanboy as well, and he made sure to imply that this was the PS3 version by not including PS2 in the title and deciding to ignore multiple reports on the subject (even going as far as to mark one as fixed). Nothing will happen as a result of our complaints though (he is supported on this site), so there resistance is futile to say the least. :)

pimp6144000d ago (Edited 4000d ago )

Who are you fooling?

It's the PS3 version LMAO

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ALL_STAR_284000d ago

This is the PS2 version NOT the PS3 version...

spike4000d ago

I had high hopes for this game. Bummer.

Lou-Cipher4000d ago (Edited 4000d ago )

I wouldn't know about the PS2 version but,I have the PS3 version and it is the best sports game ever made.

jams_shop4000d ago

wow for a second I believed it was the PS3 version

Kyur4ThePain4000d ago

because then he won't be able to attract the attention he needs. And his excuse will be that it's in the PS2 section.
Just leave it be.
We can point and laugh.

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