Mozilla: Beware the Security Metric

Mozilla writes:

"Security metrics are very difficult to do well, and easy to do poorly. For example, take a look at the recent Secunia "2008 Report" ( It tries to break down vulnerabilities reported by browser, and specifically states:

31 vulnerabilities were reported for Internet Explorer (IE 5.x, 6.x, and 7), including those
publicly disclosed prior to vendor patch as well as those included in Microsoft Security

Safari and Opera each had 32 and 30 vulnerabilities, whereas 115 vulnerabilities were registered for Firefox in 2008.

From a quick read it appears as though Firefox had almost 4 times as many security issues as IE or Safari! Like, OMG! However, that conclusion would be painfully incorrect. Mozilla discloses and releases bulletins for all security issues fixed in Firefox, regardless of how they were discovered. Unlike other vendors that only disclose issues reported by external independent parties, but not by internal developers, QA or security contractors."

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JustinSaneV24007d ago

The story picture should definitely be adopted as the new Firefox logo. I guarantee market share would more than double! :D

Hallucinate4007d ago

it already is the logo..and has been since firefox released

ChozenWoan4007d ago

... can I just pet them both. lol

JustinSaneV24006d ago

@ Lord Anubis:

Yep. :D

BTW, I'm assuming that your name is a reference to Stargate?

Lord Anubis4006d ago

Anubis from Egyptian mythology although i did see anubis in stargate.

JustinSaneV24005d ago

I figured it was a reference to the Stargate show since he isn't usually refered to as "Lord Anubis" in the history books.

Lord Anubis4005d ago

Yeah i didn't want to use my regular id AnubisHades and at the time i just came up with Lord Anubis.

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