Halo 3 vs. Killzone 2 Review Scores: Can You Compare The Two?

"The rating system has been an essential part of any videogame review for a long time, allowing the audience to get a good idea of how close to perfect the game is. Unfortunately, this system is arguably full of serious flaws, so is it about time we started to rethink the system?"

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panasonic234001d ago

ahahhahaahh what yall mad halo review is higher then the second coming of jesus ahahahahhhh halo killer my ass

chidori6664001d ago

cod 4 killing the halo3 and kill zone 2 finished this garbage game than halo is.

Max Power4001d ago

if you are going to compare review numbers then you'll have to compare the reviews, where you will obviously see how skewed they really are.

talltony4001d ago

a 9 back then when halo was released is not the same as a 9 now.

PoSTedUP4001d ago

yea the reviews change as time goes on, its strange in a way but thats just the way it is.

panisonic23 go sell some girl scout cookies.

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Sevir044001d ago

but once you play, you'll notice that the games could be more different and go after a whole different audience

Though many Will agree, KZ2 surprised alot and many are saying it now. KZ2 set the bar.

Trollimite4001d ago (Edited 4001d ago )

they should be comparing killzone 1 to killzone 2 imo

i have yet to see an article comparing the first in the series to the second.

if they were to compare killzone 1 to killzone 2 the changes would be astounding!

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RememberThe3574001d ago

I don't think Killzone 2 has dedicated servers. And it still baffles me that the game doesn't lag at all online. Infinity Ward has some explaining to do.

4001d ago
Unicron4001d ago

Gran Turismo.

Bye Bye Troll.

PirateThom4001d ago

Hate to break it to you, but there's a little known franchise called "Gran Turismo". You should check it out. Its sales blow Halo away and the scores are pretty much the same.

Parapraxis4001d ago

Sir Daniel Fortesque , you missed 1/2 the points Adam Sessler was making apparently.
Way to fail.
His rant was against over zealous fanboys on BOTH sides of the fence kiddo.
Yes, you would be one of the typical fanboy types he was directly speaking to.

4001d ago
PoSTedUP4001d ago

"metal gear solid is the best selling franchise ever."

wow dude go back to the cub scouts.

j/k but MGS franchise isnt even close, its not even in the top 10. Gran Turismo is in the top 10 though.

4001d ago
HDgamer4001d ago

Killzone 2 has dedicated servers no p2p there.

badz1494001d ago

that is actually very good! if anybody is trying to ignore this is kinda obviously blind!

Shepherd 2144001d ago (Edited 4001d ago )

your an idiot and anyone who thinks like you is an idiot. halo 3 got great review scores because guess what? Its a great game. if your gonna make up excuses as to why halo 3 got awesome reviews use something else other than the old "MS gave them $1000 gift bags Sh**". I spent 3-4 hours today doing dozens of different things in Halo 3. Its extremely fun and idiots like you wont change that. Great reviews, massive sales, and a huge fanbase that will say the same. i dont know what else your ignorant mind wants, much less how much information it can hold, but Halo 3 is amazing. Deal with it troll.

cryymoar4001d ago

NO! Nobody that thinks that way is an idiot, in fact they are unbiased and intelligent. Because there are FPS games on the PS3 that do things BETTER than Halo 3 yet Halo remains "god of fps".

Resistance 2 had 60 players online, innovative weapons, gigantic boss battles, 8 player co-op!, 720p HD resolution, colorful levels, better graphics, yet it didn't take that crown away. The media just said "oh it was a good FPS, now back to Halo and Gears."
So when will being a better game actually mean something?

If the tables were turned, and Halo 3 was on the PS3, and Resistance came to the xb360 as a "halo killer," it would have stolen the crown.

Time_Is_On_My_Side4001d ago (Edited 4001d ago )

Lol, fun has nothing to do with quality and Halo 3 doesn't meet quality was the whole point of the comment. Nothing in the comment said that Halo 3 wasn't fun but Halo 3 doesn't meet next generation standards and got high reviews. While PlayStation 3 titles seem to be put down because of "quality" (according to journalist) making the journalist bias towards XBOX 360. A journalist can't criticize one platform on quality while criticizing another based on feelings.

In simple terms the way critics review Sony titles are different they way they review XBOX 360 titles. Now the question is are you letting your feelings control your reviews or are you being unbiased?

Learn from apena89 this person knows how to be unbiased when criticizing video games.

Tryst4000d ago

We should also remember that about 90% of the review sites/sources reviewed Killzone 2 based on the Single player alone. The multi-player servers didn't even go live until a couple of weeks before Killzone 2 was released - the reviews started flooding in 3 weeks before this!

I think also most sites should go back and review this game and this time factor in the Multi-player, because for me, its the best multi-player I have ever played.

Gamespot did the right thing by holding off from doing the review until the multiplayer was live.

Halo 3 and CoD4 had a LARGE portion of their score based on the online, so why didn't Killzone 2??? If CoD4 was reviewed based on its 5 hour long single player alone, would it have been reviewed as highly as it did???

ThanatosDMC4000d ago

The thing that wowed me the most about KZ2 was the cinematics on single player campaign. It's all in-game graphics! I was like... "WHoa...!"

But yes, play the game first or at least watch someone play the game before you make some silly funny judgement calls.

Oh yeah, dont y'all think it's funny when you kill someone on multiplayer that you should shoot them again just to make sure they stay dead and not be healed by a medic? Every time someone shoots me when im all ready down i say, "what an a-hole!" and laugh!

BattleAxe4000d ago (Edited 4000d ago )

You can't even compare Killzone 2 to Halo 3, because they're two completely different styles of FPS games. Killzone 2 should be compared more to CoD 4 and CoD: WaW.

Halo 3 should be compared to Resistance 2.

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deno4001d ago

I own both so I will judge equally. Both are awesome. But in my opinion nothing beats uncharted this gen so far for me. Personal opinion.

PoSTedUP4001d ago

uncharted is a damn awesome game. its one of the only two games i beat more than 3 times this gen (MGS4 as well).

KZ2 and halo3 are both great. one has a more arcade, cartoon colorful feel to it. the other has a realistic, dark killzone feel to it.

if the games came out at the same time, halo3 would not have had those reviews. im sure of it.

well.. *goes back to playing killzone*

RememberThe3574001d ago

2pac and Killzone 2. Freakin bliss.

INehalemEXI4001d ago

Assault class + Boost , Launching missles bumping Dragonforce. This is living.

cryymoar4001d ago

Drum & Bass and Killzone 2 makes ME wet. :]

IrishAssa4000d ago

didn't really like uncharted, I used to love the tomb raiders, so far this gen for me ...
1.Gears 1
4.Valkyria Chronicles
5.GT5 would be here, just know it

I expect FF v 13 to replace num 1 but im probly wrong.

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Unicron4001d ago

Both are FPS games, but they are quite different in design and focus.

Far too many people are ignoring that review scores are ARBITRARY, MADE ON A WHIM NUMBERS. They are not fact. They are nothing but opinion.

Please stop putting more importance on them than they deserve - none.

Obama4001d ago

People who have played both online will agree that killzone 2 is a better game. The online is simply amazing, and I can't believe that it plays better than cod4.

pshizle4001d ago

sonyboys like you think killzone2 is the next coming of jesus christ

PoSTedUP4001d ago

killzone2 is like the next best thing in gaming fps's man. the next best thing...

Hallucinate4001d ago

and xbots like you think halo 3 is the first coming of jesus..and gears 2 is the 1.5 coming of jesus (c wat i did thar?)

caffman4000d ago

but not as good as COD4

Major_Tom4000d ago

That's your opinion; alot of people would disagree with you.

goflyakite4000d ago

Agreed w/ Major Tom.

Coming from a huge COD4 fan who's reached max prestige, I just find KZ2 more fun now. Which means COD:MW2 needs to bring a lot to the table this time around.

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