Firefox Has Got a 100% Market Share…In Antarctica

And they say it's hard to conquer the browser market. Despite Microsoft's global domination, there are some places where Firefox is a vastly dominant browser. One of them is Antarctica; according to StatCounter's recently added feature, GlobalStats, in 2009, only one browser was used there.

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criticalzero4005d ago

No seriously!!!!???? hahahahaha

Im a big Firefox whore but......Antartica??? wat's the population there like 300????......hahahahahahah

evrfighter4005d ago

no longer can M$ claim global dominance! all hail firefox!

and the 10 people in antarctica that made this possible!

Nightfallen4005d ago

It's fierce competition to gain market share in Antarctica.

NateNater4005d ago

Well, I would assume its pretty cold in Antartica. Therefore, FIREfox would seem like the warmest solution for them. Ba Dum Chhhh!

Somnus4005d ago

I've never been filled with so much hate for one person.

CobraKai4005d ago

My sides!!! Their Splitting!!!!!

games4fun4005d ago

i'm giving you the nod based on how you texted that sound, i comletely heard that sound in my mind reading from that Ba Dum Chhhh!

badz1494005d ago

FIRE is more important over there as there's nothing to EXPLORE!

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Jamaicangmr4005d ago

I call bullshit because Explorer comes bundled so how is it possible for Firefox to get 100%? I'd accept even 99% but naaw 100% sounds doctored.

ShadesMoolah4005d ago

This title made me chuckle plenty...thanks.

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