Large Pirate Topsite Raided in Sweden

Swedish police have busted one of the largest topsites in the country. Over 65 terabytes of pirated material was seized, spread across more than 10 servers. Several well known 'scene' groups used the site. The Swedish anti-piracy bureau assisted in the investigation and says that their war on piracy will continue.

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Wenis4003d ago

Sweden sure does hate piracy.

Shane Kim4003d ago

hehe yeah, but I can understand it. Despite having such a low population (approx 10mil) we in Swe download stuff illegally allot.

ThanatosDMC4003d ago

Holy Crap! Shane Kim lives!!!

This isnt Pirate Bay, is it?

Midian4003d ago

Nooooooooo we don't download at all ................ =)

Sheddi4003d ago

Im from Sweden and I dont hate piracy.

xaviertooth4003d ago

poor thief PP must be crying now.

The_Kills4003d ago

considering in Sweden internet connections are filesize based. Exceed the limit, and you pay alot more. And considering torrent downloads for the majority of pirating stuff is pretty big, I wonder wtf they're going so hard to abolish this for.

ar4003d ago

Huh? The ordinary internet connections used by private persons in their homes are almost always flat rate here in Sweden.
If you are using a host service at one of the ISP:s on the other hand there might be a data transfer limit.

ar4003d ago

The description is misleading. It's actually just one of the ten servers that's been raided (pun definitely intended).
And I guess top site FTP:s will be a more rarer view in the future. More and more bt-trackers have their own release groups now. My favorite tracker for hd material have several groups of internal encoders.

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