GameSpot: Watchmen: The End Is Nigh Review

Though it may be shallow, overpriced, and likely to disappoint anyone hoping for more weighty fare, Watchmen: The End Is Nigh is ultimately a simple, well-crafted game that will please those looking to dish out some good old-fashioned beatdowns.

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Sevir044011d ago

the game is availible for DL on PSN lol!!! wow.

ps3gamerkyle4011d ago

Why wouldn't it release? This has been the confirmed release date for awhile now.

callahan094011d ago

Played through the demo with my girlfriend last night. We enjoyed the co-op experience. I kinda wish though that they'd done it fullscreen instead of split-screen, and implemented some kind of mechanism to pull the camera back some and prevent both players from leaving the field of view of the camera, like they did on a lot of older 3D beat-em-up co-op games. But, the splitscreen is cool, too, it allows them to still do the zoom-ins on the fierce attacks without taking control away from your partner. I liked it, and I think I'll pay for it eventually, but not really sure I'm gonna do it right now. Maybe I'll wait and see if PSN does a price-drop on it during the summer or next fall like they often do with games (they did Wolf of the Battlefield 3 last fall, which was a third-party release, so there's hope they'll do it for this sometime too)

hektop4011d ago

And if this demo represents the game, the game will really suck.

I check it out after several hours of playing killzone 2 and it seems I went back to the past, kinda like Wall Street.

Anyways, I will pass on this game.

teedogg804011d ago

Well...I purchased the game yesterday and I'm enjoying it. Yes, it is very, very repetitive but I just love to beat up bad guys. I'm just a sucker for beat-em-up type games anyway. I would love to see a next-gen beat-em-up title similar to the Warriors on PS2. Now that would be awesome.

Major_Tom4011d ago

Whatever, I had fun. This is one persons opinion.

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The story is too old to be commented.