Engadget: Pretec 32GB SDXC, 666x CF card and 64GB ExpressCard SSD eyes-on

Engadget writes:

"We first caught wind of SDXC back at CES, and just today Pretec announced the world's first SDXC card. Much to our pleasure, said card was on hand at the outfit's booth at CeBIT. Sadly, we were forced to photograph the one behind the glass bubble, as some incredibly evil individual managed to swipe the product sample from the outfit's booth last night (seriously, the Polizei are out for you!). Also on hand was a devilishly fast 666x CompactFlash card along with a mighty capacious 100GB CF card that hums along at 233x. Last, but certainly not least, was the 64GB ExpressCard SSD, which looked suspiciously like most every other ExpressCard we've ever seen. Unfortunately, these newcomers were so new that pricing information wasn't yet available, though all of the devices mentioned will be shipping this year. We'll keep you posted on further deets, but till then, feel free to meander around in the gallery below."

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