Part of the 3rd Chapter of Resident Evil 5 Banned for Review

GOONL!NE: "Following up from an article we posted earlier, according to VG247, British gaming sites who are reviewing Resident Evil 5 are banned from reviewing a part in the game's third chapter in the game as well as not allowed to take photos or video of said part in the game.

Well Capcom, you shouldnt have released the game in Japan yesterday.

Most of the game has been uploaded onto YouTube including the part of the infamous chapter in question which is banned for review. Now personally, we havent gone through the enitre video collection that has been uploaded, just Chapter 3.1 itself.

From the videos we have embedded, it has cut-scenes and gameplay.

Oh and we know you know this but we're gonna say it anyways.


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andron4002d ago (Edited 4002d ago )

I read the review in OPSM UK and they did mention that part of the game. It even has a picture from this segment in the review.

Don't know about other reviews, but it sounds strange that Capcom would do this. Probably just a rubbish rumor...

Johnny Cullen4002d ago

I agree.

This is an absoutely woeful move on Capcom's part.

Considering they're one of the most consistent developers this gen compared to EA, Acti or Ubisoft, this is absolutely shock from them, last time I checked, UK lives in a democracy not through censorship.

andron4002d ago

As I said: This part gets a good mention in the Official Playstation Magazine UK review of the game.

If this ban was true, then that wouldn't be the case...

beavis4play4002d ago (Edited 4002d ago )

but i thought RE 3 was the lowpoint of the series........and was i WRONG about that.
this game looks horrible. those videos made me laugh. i can't say why since i don't want to spoil anything.
but honestly, this game is spoiled to begin with. if anyone had doubts about this game after playing the demo......these videos confirm what a loser this game is.

as far as the "banning" goes - i don't see the big deal. it sounds like they're trying to protect secrets of the game. although they could be trying to hide how unintentionally funny this game is!

Galvanise4001d ago

the British being very hard on Racism, at least politically. Britain is where 'Political correctness' breeds, sometimes overly, and I think Capcom are wary of how the British press/government/populace would take to zombie africans with spears. Personally, I'm fine with it, but I know there would probably be a mini uproar over here for it.

Professor Chaos4001d ago

I know that is why it is banned. I have beaten the game and there arent any really big spoilers in that section. There are just zombies with spears, and larger taller zombies with crazy masks on and a big club. Bassically that part of the game is in a more tribal part of africa. I dont know why they are worried about this being seen as some sort of racism. There are parts of africa where people still live in huts, and use spears. But whatever..