FUEL - Weather Effects Trailer

One of the big points of FUEL is the rapidly changing and extreme weather conditions. Take a look at this video, showing some of the weathers effects in action.

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Old_School_Gamer4010d ago

Weather effects are pretty cool. But what does that have to do about how awesome the game is? Ive seen alot of vids of this game, even seen someone play it in action. It seems that the weather and envirnment in an open world is the pitch they are using to sell the game. The effects are cool, but the racing looks really dull from what I seen. There aren't any big jumps, the sense of speed is mediocre, and despite the cool effects, the car models don't look that great. Sure the tornado looks totally rad, but open world racing isnt so open if you have to drive on a certain path any was. There is not enough in this game to justify a purchase, unless of course you dont have a ps3 and cant buy motorstorm 2.

Speed-Racer4010d ago

I think having this open world thing is a bad idea since you can take any root yes! but you would never really see your opponents..making it quite dull. I rather PURE than this title

Old_School_Gamer4010d ago

Pure was pure bliss. BTW,, open world racers are only good if there are roads, street signs, and then secret paths. Just look at burnout and midnight club and you will see two good examples of what I mean. Ive seen vids of this game, and it does look really boring.

4010d ago
Speed-Racer4010d ago

lol at first 2.1 and 2.2 ...but I gotta agree with Old_School_Gamer. The street versions are good because you are still limited to the streets, so you still have opponents to race against close by, and traffic to wrry about,e tc..but the whole open racing thing in an off road setting is lame.

gdguide4010d ago

I LOVE the idea of exploring and an open world like this, but the racing and physics seem to have seriously downgraded since they first showed this title. Not to mention everything looks very choppy now. :(

phosphor1124010d ago

and get the KZ2 engine on that b*tch..that would be insane.

XboxOZ3604010d ago

I think the game will be a cross between Pure and Rage more than anything else. Much more detailed and elaborate that Pure of course, but have that added bonus of more freedom like Rage, plus a small storyline attached - hopefully.

I can see the possibilities of the Open WOrld, especially now that NFS will be doing the very same thing with NFS: Online World on the PC only.

madpuppy4010d ago (Edited 4010d ago )

does any remember Need for Speed: Porshe extreme? (I think that was it's name) I loved driving up into the mountains and the weather would get real bad and it would be snowing real hard. Man, I love that. Or Call of duty (I think the first one on the PC) with the wooded winter and the muffled sound effects the sound of your feet crunching in the snow and the dogs barking in the distance. Maybe I like games with snow in them because I don't live in the northeast anymore.

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The story is too old to be commented.