Castlevania's Koji Igarashi: Microsoft don't get us

Embedded at the end of an interview with Game Informer, Castlevania producer Koji Igarashi hints at just why Microsoft's 360 can't grab that Japanese market they so desperately sought. Apparently, Japanese gamers only like three games, because as Igarashi says, "... if Japanese developers would say they're working on Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest or Metal Gear maybe, then I guess Japanese consumers would take it [Xbox 360] seriously and consider purchasing it."

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FamoAmo5469d ago

OK if Japanese people want to stick to sequals and over used titles then let them. Me on the other hand love GOW!! GOW is gonna be 10 times better than MGS4!!! If MS needs to make sequals for PS games screw it!! The 360 has my type of games PS and the FF series along with MGS series can lick my nuts!!

DG5469d ago (Edited 5469d ago )

Oh Gears of War...nevermind...u had me confused for God of War. Yeah I never cared for RPGs since FF7

...but 10x better I dont know about that.

schnodder5469d ago

these people are funny.

shotty5469d ago

If Bill Gates decided to buy square enix and the MGS series then sony is doomed. They have no real first party titles. Their dominace is based on third party titles developed by japanese developers. Both those titles appeared on the xbox but since they came out years after their ps2 conterpart they didn't sell as well. If they released on both platform at the same time the xbox surely would have come on top.

BURLY5469d ago

I would personally be very surprised if the PS3 did better than #2 in every region other than in Japan - which is the only established market that is shrinking!

As someone who follows the industry, I find it B-E-Y-O-N-D insulting that this guy slanders Microsoft, when ever other developer is praising them for establishing the best development environment that this industry has ever seen.

Indeed, Microsoft's efforts have not gone un-noticed by myself and is one of the main reasons why I decided to purchase the 360! The type of rheteric coming from developers like this (who can only spit out sequels) is also one of the reason's why I will not BUY IN to Sony's PS3 - which as far as I am concerned is an insulting abuse of their consumer base!

Rock on 360, Rock On!

Marriot VP5469d ago

this guy is right about the main few titles japanese are obsessed about. The fact is that MS doesn't need Japan at all, they only want the titles japan has to broaden themselves.

This guy doesn't matter, but his statement is right for the most part. Even with a few jap. titles coming it doesn't matter that much overall.

no reason to be a fanboy about this

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The story is too old to be commented.