TGR: News Roundup: PS3 Outsells Xbox 360, Pac-Man Revitalized, and Street Fighter IV Review

Pac-man eats his way to the headlines, PS3 tops the charts, TGR releases a Batman preview, and more on today's daily roundup.

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Viewtiful4007d ago

The console war is vicious this time. Seems like every console is winning at times.

DK_Switch4007d ago (Edited 4007d ago )

I hate the term "console war." It dismisses the true influence of the conflict: the consumer.

It'd be more appropriate, I think, to refer to it not as a "console war," but a "contest for consumer affection."

That way, when Nintendo America falls from their ivory tower in the midst of our country's financial free-fall and their Washington state-based headquarters starts defending their compound from Microsoft with ACTUAL live ordinance, the term "console war" can carry its proper weight.

What I'm saying is when that happens, I called it. :)

thebudgetgamer4007d ago

i like that bubble 4 you


italianbreadman4007d ago

I'm just sick of the idea of PS3 vs 360.
The war is more a fanboy war than a company war. Sony and Microsoft are simply competing for dollars, but ridiculous fanatics simply want to destroy the "other side."

I STILL don't have a PS3, making me "faithful to the 360" or some bull**** to a lot of people, but I think the PS3 is a damn fine game console, and more.

People need to relax.

/rant that has nothing to do with the article.

Of everything in the roundup, I think I Am Alive is the most intriguing, and would like to learn more about it.

cain1414007d ago

Who cares about pacman anymore?

SirLarr4007d ago

Seems like they're just going back and forth now.

A HiFi4007d ago

Pac Man: CE proved Pac Man is still well loved.

DK_Switch4007d ago (Edited 4007d ago )

Whisper words of wisdom,
Let it be.

God, I can't wait.

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