GamesRadar: Sonic and the Black Knight Review

Sonic fans are an obsessive lot, and some may find something to enjoy here. The stages become more interesting as the game progresses and there's always the throwaway multiplayer to get to grips with. But for those still not convinced by Sonic's icon status, steer well clear.

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TriforceLightning3999d ago

The only thing going for this game are the graphics.Everything you love from Sonic games has been raped and bastardized by adding Sonic's likeness to a mediocre action RPG hack and slash.No speed, no fun.This game deserves less than the score it recieved.Sonic & The Black Knight gets a 2/10.

Xander-RKoS3999d ago

Uh...have you played the game? Cause, I'm playing it right now, it's fast, there are parts where it's faster than any Sonic game I've ever played. It actually does hack and slash with Sonic just fine and it's suppose to be more like Sonic and the Secret Rings than anything else, which also does just fine.

ChickeyCantor3999d ago

he gives a 2/10 but did not even played it at all.
And the worst game would be the one scoring below 1/10?
YEah its out there somewhere.

" No speed, no fun."
and yet he gives it a 2/10.

Ratings are such a joke.

from the beach3999d ago

Doesn't really matter anyway, since IGN already gave this game the kiss of death.

ChickeyCantor3999d ago

Yet nintendo power gave it an 8.

IGN =/= god, however people tend to think that.

Mahr3998d ago

Worst game of 2009? I find that designation difficult to believe in any year where Data Design Interactive is releasing a game.

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Shane Kim3999d ago

Sega please, Sonic just ain't what it used to be.