Gizmodo: iMac 2009 Review

Apple may seem different than other companies, but the recession is kicking their ass too. The move they made with the new iMac was the smartest they could make under the circumstances-it's a great deal.

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RememberThe3574007d ago

If I liked Macs, I'd be all over this!

XLiveGamer4006d ago

for gaming do i have the space to upgrade for 2x GeForce GTX260?

i know we can't but i am just bringing a good reason why i and other prefer a Custom PC for gaming

dirthurts4006d ago

Well anyone who pays that for a Mac is still an idiot. The pc is still the better value. By far. I can build a rig of that standard for about half that. On top of that, I don't have to buy expensive mac programs.

DJ4006d ago

If you can elaborate on how to build something that's identical to the iMac, but with cheap PC parts (as you so put it), then please instruct us how to do so.

Complaining that piracy isn't rampant on Macintosh isn't very mature, though. These are the prices for Office and iLife (pretty much all you need).

iLife: $79
Microsoft Office: $149.95

I don't know of any PC suite that offers what iLife does for the same quality AND same price. And Office is just as cheap as it is on the PC. Then again, you're probably just angry that Apple works so hard to bring the highest quality products available to market. Try a Macbook Pro at the Apple store, and you'll never go back to a Dell or HP notebook again.