5 Consoles That Crashed And Burned

All video game consoles are not created equal. Some systems earn failure, while others have failure thrust upon them through no fault of their own. The halls of video game history are strewn with the shattered corpses of gaming hardware great and terrible. Here are five of our favorite losers.

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Rick AstIey4008d ago

My 360 literally crashed and burned when it got the RROD.

GiantEnemyCrab4008d ago (Edited 4008d ago )

haha and the award for the most predictable comment goes to Ms. Rick Astley. You are probably happy with that since you haven't received an award since your "Never gonna give you up" Nickelodeon Peoples Choice Award of 1986. =)

Oh and you never owned a 360 Astley, you aren't fooling anyone.

I think I'm going to "give you up" now.

El_Colombiano4008d ago

Damn, you beat me to it! I seriously laughed out loud.

IzKyD13314008d ago

Crashed and burned? kinda like the 36--oh, I see you already made the joke....

Sibs4008d ago

We are looking for this.

SaiyanFury4007d ago

Heh some of these I can easily agree with. The Saturn was a different beast than the original PS. It was a 32-bit system with an advanced 2D focus. It was only after the true 3D nature of the PS that it's limitations became apparent. After the Saturn showed that 3D graphics were possible it couldn't rival the PS in terms of 3D graphics, the next generation of advancement. Despite that, it had some truly classic games. Shining the Holy Ark, and Shining Force 3 are 2 examples of this. Unfortunately, the Saturn ultimately tanked despite a few great titles and developers focused on the original PS.

Information Minister4007d ago (Edited 4007d ago )

I agree with you and I think the Saturn does not belong on this list. Although the system ultimately failed, it didn't crash and burn to the level of the Jaguar, 3DO or CDI.

Heck the Saturn sold about the same as the Dreamcast and it had a longer life span, but only the Saturn is featured on the list.

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ElementX4008d ago

I'm surprised the 3DO wasn't mentioned. I unfortunately spent a butt-load of money on one and the guys at Best Buy told me it was a popular system.... screw that

DelbertGrady4007d ago

I used to own an Atari Lynx lol!

BaSeBaLlKiD7214008d ago

yeah, my friend's 5 xbox 360s that crashed and burned one after one... poor fella

fossilfern4008d ago

LOL i had an N Gage :( a friend of mine still uses it lol

Cicinho4008d ago

haha i had a saturn, took it back and got a playstation. I miss the days were you could just take shít back :(

celldomceen14008d ago

yea that seems like it was a lifetime ago.

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The story is too old to be commented.