IGN: EA Sports Grand Slam Tennis Hands-On

First, the basics. EA Sports Grand Slam Tennis is not a simple Wii Sports clone with copy-pasted controls, but a much deeper, more realistic take on the famous pastime. This is, of course, evident in the sheer amount of features and inclusions in the title. For example, as the polished, clean interface displays on-screen, you will notice a variety of play styles and options available, from traditional tennis to a party mode designed for up to four players and an online component. EA is not yet ready to talk about either of these modes, but did confirm that the title's online mode will be robust and full featured.

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Gr814005d ago

Game is definitely on my radar. The more info I read on this game the more excited I become for it.

Product4004d ago

agreed love tennis and im hoping for a definitive title for wii. If they can finally get motion plus to work on this perfectly ill be sold.ONline is just a plus after the perfection of control.

Same goes for the new Tiger Woods

TriforceLightning4004d ago

How is this game going stack up against the juggernaut that is Virtua Tennis I'll never know.I guess I'll have to wait and see how this turns out.I heard Motion Plus makes this the rightful heir to the best tennis title after Wii Sports tennis.