Cheat device murders Resident Evil 5

Msxbox-World writes: "Can't be arsed to actually play Resident Evil 5? Well never fear as the Xploder cheat device will do all the hard work for you and unlock extra costumes, modes and anything else you don't have the time, skill or patience to unlock the way the game developers intended."

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ShadesMoolah4006d ago

I dunno, perhaps I should, but I just can't. I hate these things with a passion, they ruin gaming in my opinion.

vhero4005d ago

WTF its not a cheat device its a save game downloader! this article goes on like it was an action replay of xploder of old days... All it does is allow save games to be put on your HDD which about 50 other devices for the 360 allows and a memory stick for ps3 allows. This guy has seriously got issues and the article is pap. If people want to use a save to get to the end boss or whatever then LET THEM! it does not hex edit the game like old cheat devices and let you cheat online so you dont effect anybody but yourself!

ShadesMoolah4005d ago (Edited 4005d ago )

The OFFICIAL description for the Xploder reads "Xploder CHEATS Save". Therefore it acknowledges that it's a cheat device. You can download RE 5 saves and unlock achievements you did not earn yourself. Therefore that is CHEATING. Whether the method is via software or hardware, the fact remains that it's a device used for cheating. If you do not understand what the word 'device' means, go look it up in the dictionary.

I even posted that some smart Alec would come here and make the comment you've just made. Bingo you took the bait. You're ignorant to think that people can't dupe items in games like Fable 2, Too Human etc using said devices. Games that rely on a community aspect as part of the gameplay.


Cwalat4005d ago

i don't get it.

Why buy a 60$ game just to skip through levels?

Some gamers just scare me like hell with their weirdness :/

Max Power4006d ago

that is just sad, its like the effers that used the bot cheat in Killzone 2.

Sangria4006d ago

So you pay 70$/€ to let a cheating device (that you also paid!) do the job at your place?
It's becoming hard to find good games that you don't finish in an afternoon, so if now you pay a crap to finish it quicker or get things you unlock by finishing the game, then it has no use to get the game.

R3D4006d ago

idk, in my opinion this is reminiscent of the old school gamesharks for ps2,n64,gameboy, etc. i hated the damn things, but some people liked them. gameshark profited off of saved games and code hacking so why can't this company profit off it that too? i would personally never use these products, but don't make the assumption that they are a new trend.

Polluted4006d ago

Remember the Game Genie for the NES? That was the grand daddy of them all, I believe.

Anyway, who cares? Seems like a waste to me (and most of the people on N4G), but whatever. So long as it doesn't affect me like online cheaters/glitchers sometimes do, I couldn't care less.

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The story is too old to be commented.