Resident Evil 5 advertised only for 360 in the UK

As with most multiplatform titles, Resident Evil 5 is now being advertised in the UK for Xbox 360 with no mention of the PS3 version.

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Hydrolex5077d ago

simple as that !

when somethin is good u don't need to advertise it except for the start

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Wenis5077d ago

Don't blame Microsoft just because they have a larger advertising budget than Sony. MUCH larger it seems.

kickaski5077d ago

mannn there's enough commercialism in the world, dude.

Microsoft Xbox 3605077d ago (Edited 5077d ago )

Oh hell no Hydrolex. Do not use Toyota for an example of the 360. Toyota's are the most reliable car/truck company in the world. Except for those German engineered cars though. :).

A better comparison would be the PS3 being the Ferrari and the 360 being an American company like Ford. Unreliable and overpriced.

You know, Ford as in, (F)ix (O)r (R)epair (D)aily.

(F)ound (O)n (R)oad (D)ead

MNicholas5077d ago

That's life. Dirty tricks are very much a part of American business culture. Microsoft is not the only company who'd pay for this kind of pseudo-exclusivity.

CrazedFiend5077d ago (Edited 5077d ago )

I think it depends on who made the commercial. If it was paid for AND MADE BY Microsoft, then it's completely understandable not to include the competitors logo.

But if the commercial was made by Capcom, REGARDLESS OF WHERE THEY GET THERE MONEY FROM, as an honest producer and publisher of the game, they should include ALL the systems that the game is available for. Even if that should includes the PC or Wii. Not doing so would be misleading to the public.

However, commercials made by Sony or Microsoft or even Nintendo (thank God the Big N has not gotten themselves caught up in this silly war) should be about THEIR system WITH said game included or featured in the commercial as again, airing a commercial that masquerades as being a commercial from Capcom or other game developer would again, be misleading the public.

Cwalat5077d ago


it's not that..

it's that Capcom is allowing such a thing... since.. actually.. it's up to capcom weither or not there should be an exclusive logo at the end of a commercial..

and considering how much they worked on giving themselves a new identity by saying.. "we will go fully multiplat this year"
so basically they shi** on their own words by allowing such thing.

something is telling me Capcom is doing everything to pleese MS.
my question is why?

Sony has close to same fanbase in USA, and if not more in Europe...
so i don't get it... :S

JokesOnYou5076d ago (Edited 5076d ago )

Some of you are complaining becasue micro IS doing what a company is suppose to do, support their product by advertising. If thats dirty then the whole world is full of filthy lowdown dirty company's that want you to buy the stuff they sell.

ha ha OK, I'm lying yes I can believe some of you would complain, this is n4g, right? lmfao, Cry some more.


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Blademask5077d ago (Edited 5077d ago )

sad trend if this continues. I remember greenberg on G4TV actually replied to exclusive lineup questions with "street fighter and resident evil 5!" I dont even think he knew until sessler mentioned those are third party games.

Its pretty clear MS would rather spend the money pretending to have exclusives than to actually create them. I think we are going to see a repeat of GTA4. If GTA4 didn't move consoles, not too sure Resident Evil will.

If exclusives allegedly dont matter, why the front?

Theres nothing wrong with it, just sad.

ArmrdChaos5077d ago

I distinctly remember Call of Duty 4 commercials stating now on least in the states. Welcome to the wonderful world of advertising...people should pay more attention to what is NOT said. I will leave it up to the coporate cheerleaders to debate who is the worst at it matters.

beardpapa5077d ago


"now on" and "only for" are two totally different things.

y0haN5076d ago

Unfortunately these "country exclusive" adverts are going to trick people into making decisions they would otherwise not make because of meager wording on Microsoft's part.

Sevir045077d ago

And they have done everything in getting the game plenty of exposure to the Xbox fanbase so It's no surprise. I'm sure some exclusive advertising to go with that RE5 bundle and exclusive red xbox 360 was all part of a well thought out marketing for a game MS really wanted to have exclusive to there platform. ^^

Hydrolex5077d ago

No !!!!!!!

Have you seen Toyota advertising ?

FUK YEAAAAAA all the fuking time

Ferrari = PS3
Toyota = 360

torreyjs5077d ago

Lets see

Toyota anything (car since you brought up Ferarri) more gas mileage and cheaper repairs

More longevity and a good middle ground for most people

So your right 360 is a better overall system while the ps3 is high end - less popular for being high end

both are good and your a terrible fanboy

thebudgetgamer5077d ago (Edited 5077d ago )


:) but serious both are awesome

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