Van Halen, GH5, Band Hero for 2009

Tom Bramwell of Eurogamer writes:

"Eurogamer has been told that Hard Rock Van Halen (August), Guitar Hero 5 (presumably a working title - September), DJ Hero (October), and Band Hero (November) are among games planned for release on PS3, Xbox 360, Wii and PS2 in 2009."

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tman6924001d ago

wats the point? don't u think activision should just stop after greasest hits is released? i mean there's no point in continuing this franchise.

memots4001d ago

Gh5 is overkill.

They should give you better content and stick with GH4.
There isn't much content worth it compare to Rock band. If they don't come up with better stuff to download i won't even bother with Gh5. Because it's completely tapped out right now.

macalatus4001d ago



Activision will surely be the reason behind the demise of their franchise!

Sizzon4001d ago

should of been Guitar Hero: Iron Maiden, or nothing.

heavymetal3k4001d ago

Van Halen would be cool. But they need to stop pumping out multiple games a year. Design a good set of instruments and do like rock band, stick with dlc.

Myst4001d ago

Activision what are you doing? Do they really think people will fork over another 50~60 dollars for another (or rather More) guitar Hero games? When they could have simply places them up on the Wii Shop, Xbox Live, and PSN for a price close to 3.00 4.00 per song (if it's master maybe) and perhaps 10.00 for albums [random prices off the top of my head if they seem to high that's why :)]

Overall It seems like these choices activision are making are going to drive them straight into the ground when people aren't buying their "new" games. Also with Guitar Hero World Tour already out is Band Hero really needed? Starting to wonder if stores will have enough shelf space come 2010. Activision seems to be taking them all..