Danger in Video Games and How to Keep Your Kids Safe

Vigster writes: "If you are a parent, renting a game is sometimes a better option then buying. In this day and age there are some games that are not appropriate for young children. Every game has an ESRB rating (Entertainment Software Rating Board) that gives you an idea of what type of content you can expect in the game, but it does not go into full detail. Most of the ratings say mild sexual themes, partial nudity, violence, bad language, mild suggestive themes, but..."

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SinnedNogara4003d ago

Hey, Vigstar guy:

Watch this:

Don't worry, games don't ruin kids lifes.

Just ask me, I am doing very well in school and I have a 3.34 grade average.

I played GTA3 when I was 12.

Didn't hurt me a bit.