Resident Evil 5 IGN AU Review

IGN Australia shares their thoughts in their Resident Evil 5 review. Narayan Pattison writes: "So how does RE5 stack up from the perspective of a rabid RE4 fan? It's certainly good enough to ensure I'll play through it at least enough times to unlock all the various weapons and modes. More importantly though, is it good enough to warrant a purchase from you? It's quite likely that it is. RE5 has a handful of problems, and is nowhere near in the same league as RE4 in terms of all-time classics, but it does provide a suitably similar mix of exciting action, along with some utterly gorgeous visuals."

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Zeus Lee4006d ago

Yep,IGN AU are on the money.

Off the demo alone,I would give it an 8/10.

Face Palm4005d ago

I'm very surprised that IGN US and UK gave it 9/10 and IGN AU 8.7/10 . Judging by the demo, I assumed it would rate in the 8s at best. I personally am VERY let down by RE5 demo, but it sounds like the full game is a solid package. My complaints are that the gameplay is lacking and the controls are way outdated. As far as the controls, it's not just the lack of run n gun, the over controls are poorly done in general. Ie: looking around is way too twitchy that you can't even tell what you just looked at, I mean you need to be looking for zombies in all direction but looking around is useless (I'm NOT talking about aiming.

I won't buy it cus I'm too busy playing another game (you know which one) although I probably still wouldn't buy if I wasn't preoccupied. Maybe maybe I'll rent it if the majority of review are quite high.

ThanatosDMC4004d ago

It's just a rehash of RE4.

Dark_Vendetta4004d ago

seems like I'm the only one really enjoying the game. My buddy got a Ps3 version so we played it the last days up to chapter 5 (out of 6). I can't really tell a difference between them (played the 360 demo on my console), the only thing that really sucks is the splitscreen. The game is much more fun with a friend but the screen is smaller and displaced (although the 360 Jap Demo had a "normal" splitscreen. Searching through the forums it seems that the 360 retail one is fuc*ed up too, I don't know why).
The game is pretty much like RE4 but I'd rate it over RE4. Also the game seems to be quite short. I can't really say how long we played it (I could ask him to look in the menu, but I'm lazy right now) but it seemed really short (we're almost at the end, at about 7 hours).
Anyway it's really worth the money
(btw: I didn't like the demo too)

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The Peoples ARMPIT4006d ago (Edited 4006d ago )

Yep sound about right. Though me personally i would give it a 7.5/10.

Can you smell me?

LarVanian4005d ago

I can't help but feel that RE5 will be a stain on the main Resident Evil series.
I think I will rent this instead and buy Resistance: Retribution.

pwnsause4004d ago

good. thats what this game deserves. hopefully others will follow and not over rate this this game thru the hype it has been carrying for a while.

thehitman4004d ago

How you guys can have such strong opinions about a game you havent fully played. But w/e. It looks decent enough thats all that matters the scores are saying atm its worth buying even though I still wont too much KZ2 on my mind.

pwnsause4004d ago (Edited 4004d ago )

we all know that the story is going to be really good, not to mention its graphics, it looks identical on both platforms, you would need a crazy magnifying glass to find the difference between the 2 versions. but if you played the demo, you would understand, the controls and its gameplay is staying the same, which is not good, a lot of people here will agree with that. thats the problem with RE5. Im still picking up this game though.

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