IGN: Resident Evil 5 Review

Ryan Geddes of IGN writes: "With Resident Evil 5, Capcom has broken away from many of the survival horror conventions it pioneered. The creepy suspense of the earlier games has been replaced with an action-packed intensity that will instantly appeal to some gamers and disappoint others. As an action game, RE5 is a success, and there's a wealth of replayability through item collection, weapon upgrades, score chasing and the unlockable Mercenaries mode. But this is no gentle nudge to the formula of the previous main RE games; it's an evolution. And if you can accept it as that, you just might love Resident Evil 5."

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s8anicslayer5386d ago

I can't wait till friday the 13th!

nbsmatambo5386d ago

a 9 is a pretty good score =D

might be picking this up after all...

Cwalat5386d ago

all i can say is, whoever doesn't pick this up... toooooooooooooo bad for yooouuuuu!!

i will enjoy the heck out of this !! :D

RE til the day i die

Mikerra175386d ago

Im goona take a pass after I seen and played the demo I am definantly not picking this up

Bnet3435386d ago

Great score. People here need to STFU about the "last gen" controls. I mean there is nothing wrong with them. It's just like RE4. Capcom is the best and shows why once again.

pippoppow5386d ago

When I first saw screen shots of the game I was hoping the zombies shadowed in the background were going to be the slow moving shambling type or at least have a mix of zombies/infected. It's disappointing that nowadays the series is more action than horror. Also since it's more of an action shooter they should have implemented a control scheme that allowed for some slow to fast movement for some run and gun action to compliment the game better. I didn't get 4 and will not get 5. Maybe the next installment will have what I want, slow moving zombies with a great horror atmosphere.

ape0075386d ago

buy,the demo was awesome,I don't care about haters saying controlles are bad,maybe the first 5 minutes,resi 5 controlles are solid

can't imagine the full game,story,bosses,UPGRADES,dif ferent places

oh man I want this game so BAD

9 seems a bit underrated

iamtehpwn5386d ago

It's not exactly possible to run and shoot at the same time.
At most you can barely walk along.

You guys realize there's a Physics Phenomenon known as "recoil"

YonasJonas5386d ago (Edited 5386d ago )

Anyone who was scared by RE might have had the game mixed up with Silent Hill. Holy cow, the infected villagers who are still being infected by a shadowy organization move a bit fasters so they is less like zombiez! Someone call the irrelevant police! Guess what? Chris Redfield is back to shoot more infected. Which is exactly what RE has always been, an action game with horror elements much like it still is today. The only difference is they got rid of the outdated camera system. I mean the outdated camera system certainly wasn't going to make the fans miss out on one of the best experiences that generation. I guess people have become more finicky since then. Well all I can say is it's your loss buddy.

ThanatosDMC5386d ago

Fine, i'll still *itch about the control WHILE playing the game!

Pr0ject-Cha0s5386d ago

an seriously true gamers dont b1!tch about controls i didnt see to many people complaining about killzone 2 controls in this website(i only own a ps3 so dont conclude im a fanboy and yes killzone 2 i da best fps this gen)

legendkilla5386d ago

First day buy for me= confirmed!!

DarkArima5386d ago

You can shoot a slowly back up and keep your aim.

The Peoples ARMPIT5386d ago

Anyone who buys this overrated pos will surely regret it mark my words. The name is what got it a high score and why aren't we hearing that it doesn't reinvent the genre? anyone? that's what i thought, double standards at it's finest.

To me Dead Space is the new survival horror king. The game alone gets all the methods of a survival horror game right. Resident Evil 5 has nothing going for it and again the fact that you can't shoot while at least walking is beyond retarded. Tell me, after you complete the unsatisfyingly short SP what else is there to do?

Don't waste your hard earned cash on this pos. Trust me you are better of waiting for RE6 for real.

Now! have a whiff of me.

DarkArima5386d ago

I wont be picking it up.
Gameplay is too slow.

gamesmaster5386d ago

i like the look of the game and its art direction but it doesnt have the suspense of the other games, its just that resident evil stopped being scary when they released 4. i enjoyed the first 2 because they scared the sh!t out of me, nowadays they throw so many infected at you its just become a slaughter, i might give it a try when the price comes down.

pixelsword5386d ago (Edited 5386d ago )

Everyone's always whining about controls and lack of innovation when it comes to other games and dings them harshly, but when a "fan favorite" comes out (especially when they go multiplatform) those rules just gets thrown under the bus. I don't mind the whole wannabe zombie thing again, but this game even uses the same types of specific characters (chainsaw-wielding zombies, for example) which really turned me off on top of the crappy controls... innovation is subjective, as we see.

That's everything that's wrong with this gen: the double standard and favoritism from gaming "media" is disgusting.

and @ DominusRebellis:

lol I see what you did there! Journal of security guard (I think) from Resident Evil 2, I think?

DominusRebellis5386d ago (Edited 5386d ago )

^^^ haha yup! From RE1, right after you read that part of the journal, a little something bursts out of the closet doors hahaha...classic!

Same sort of thing in the journal in RE2 in the room where you get the magnum clip fromt eh guys who's "throat appears to be torn out"...wow I shouldn't know that much haha

rpgenius4205386d ago

This game is great! I have been playing it since last month and it is tight! Get it.


Rick AstIey5386d ago

Dead Space is better than RE5. The only thing RE5 does better than Dead Space are cut-scenes, nothing else. Nada.

pixelsword5386d ago (Edited 5386d ago )

lol yeah, no wonder I got them mixed-up; I LOVE the RE series, it's been a part of me since the first one (I think I still have all discs even from the PS1).

I dunno; maybe I'll get it, maybe I won't; I love the story so far, and from what I'm hearing, this will be the 'MGS4' of the series so I don't want to miss that.

I just wish the character was a bit more mobile because standing still doesn't really fit for this game like it did for RE4...

*thinks about playing RE4 again... :)

Maybe I'll look at some reviews or something.

@ Rick AstIey;

I've heard about good things about Dead Space. I'm thinking about getting Dead Space. I actually held back on Dead Space and Bioshock because I was waiting on RE5; but now after playing the demo, I don't know what to do... er, flip a coin?

Hellsvacancy5385d ago

I havnt played Res5 (except the demo) bUt it doesnt appeal 2 me that much (ive said it a 100 times but "ZOMBIES WITH WEAPONS WOT WERE THEY THINKIN")

I really really liked Dead Space and i would recommend it 2 any1 who likes the survival horror genre

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Jack Bauer5386d ago

kinda disappointed they say that you lose that edge of always feeling like on the edge of death, i liked that about RE, still looks good though.

Arsenic135386d ago

He said for the standard difficulty. I dont mind playing on he hardest difficulty.