IGN: The Last Remnant Hands-On

In the current climate of online gaming and MMOs, single-player PC role-playing games seem less and less common. There are exceptions to that generalization, such as pretty much any BioWare title (Mass Effect last year, Dragon Age this fall), CD Projekt RED's The Witcher, and even the recent Drakensang: The Dark Eye, but all together it's a far cry from the amount of content produced in this genre during the 1990s.

Over in the console space there are still quite a few offline RPG titles being released, a likely result of the platforms' control configurations and setups not mixing well with the often complex interfaces MMOs require players to manage. Yet that didn't stop Square Enix from shipping an Xbox 360 version of Final Fantasy XI in 2006. This time, the RPG giant is going the other way, bringing a console-style single-player RPG to the PC.

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