IGN: Resident Evil: The Many Looks of The Tyrant

It's almost here. Less than a week until Resident Evil 5 finally lands on American shores. IGN has spent the past few weeks looking back on the various aspects of the Resident Evil franchise. Last week, for instance, we brought you the Many Looks of the Infected, where they examined how Umbrella's eponymous zombies have evolved over the years.

This time, they are focusing specifically on the Tyrant. This hulking boss character has been a mainstay of the series from the very beginning. From the simple T-002 model all the way to freaks like Alexia Ashford and Nemesis, this is a look back at the very worst Umbrella and its offshoots have to offer.

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Arsenic134004d ago

Ok they posted some non Tyrants on there. Im ashamed.