Cliffy B Confirms Gears of War 2

The lead designer of Gears of War (Cliffy B) has given a detailed speech on the evolution of Gears of War from 'Unreal Warfare'. In doing so, he also confirmed that a sequel is on the way to the widely praised Gears of War.

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BlackIceJoe4265d ago

I think seeing another Gears game would be great to see. But I do not think it will be out any time soon. My guess would be may be some time in 09. Plus I wonder if Sony will try to get Gears on the PS3 too other then just a 360 game.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL4265d ago

NEVER. If you wanna play Gears 1 and 2 better buy a 360. 8~)

THWIP4264d ago

You're just not very bright, are you? :(

fjtorres4264d ago

You're obviously unaware that GOW is published by MGS.
Hint: MGS = Microsoft Game Studios.
Epic did the design and coding but MS controls Gears lock, stock, and barrel.
You'll see gears on a Playstation about six months after MS buys Sony. :-)
In other words: never, ever, never.
"Move along, move along, nothing to see here..."

marionz4264d ago

microsoft game studios kinda says it all...

kmis874264d ago

I think it'll come in fall 08 at the latest. Sequels always are much quicker to make than the originals (especially if the original is on new hardware) because you already have so much more done than when you started from scratch.

BBsin4264d ago

Microsoft do not own rights to the franchise, only gears of war 1. Just b/c a company publishes the first part of a franchise doesnt mean that part2 is automaticly theirs (for example FF7 was published by SCE, but FF8 is published by Square). They published GearsOFWar1, but theres no word on whether Microsoft will publish GearsOfwar2. Anyone can swoop in and publish Gears 2... whether Midway, EA, or even ubisoft. I still think it's going to be X360 exclusive but i wont be shocked if they go multi. If anyone other than Microsoft Publishes Gears 2 you can pretty much bet that its going to be multi platform. I personally rather play it on PC then either of the consoles.

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Caxtus7504265d ago

i thought Cliffy b quit the GOW team AGES ago and yet i keep hearing things from him...did i get something wrong?

THWIP4264d ago

He went on hiatus for a bit, after he was through with the heavy promotion around it's release last November. He's Project Lead and Design Director for the Gears franchise, and is going NOWHERE.

Also, this is hardly news, since everyone knew there'd be a sequel ; Cliffy B. and Mark Rein have both stated this was tentatively planned as a new flagship franchise for Epic and Microsoft.

Caxtus7504264d ago

Thankyou, Much appreciated :)

LSDARBY4265d ago

When will this be released? it should be awsome

PS360PCROCKS4265d ago

huh? how is this confirmed? I don't get it

GaMr-4264d ago (Edited 4264d ago )

He's cliffy B. If he says let their be light. Someone gets him a flashlight. If he says let their be water some one gets him a bottle of Avion. If he says. let their be more Gow.... Well Gosh Darn it. There will be More GOW......

*Did that help* ???

lilgringo4264d ago

you deserve another bubble GaMr

level 3604264d ago

A real class act of a next-gen game, thanks 4 the good news ^_^