Capcom tells UK Resident Evil 5 reviewers to blank island section

VG247 has it on good authority that some British Resident Evil 5 reviewers have been specifically told to avoid writing about, taking video of, or image-grabbing the island section from the game's third chapter.

We've been told that players encounter spear-wielding Africans in the specified section.

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s8anicslayer4011d ago

This just keeps getting better and better, no pun intended but why are some people so sensitive?

lociefer4011d ago

ive read res5 story when it was posted a while ago , kinda lame , whoever agrees that res3 nemesis was the best res ever agree with me

PrimordialSoupBase4011d ago

Playing it now. It's kinda absurd and insensitive, that beginning part is fine... but this isn't.

Ozzyb4011d ago

People are such whiners nowadays... look above me...

Lich1204011d ago

Ya know I wonder, Im not saying people shouldn't be offended by the game... but aren't there better things to worry about? Honestly, natives in parts of Africa still use spears. I haven't played it but it doesn't sound so wrong to me from what I've seen and heard.

Bnet3434011d ago

LOL @ at the guy in the open zone who says RE3 is the best RE. lol oh man anyway, I can't tell if they want to blank out that part for story purposes or because you have to kill alot of africans?

Panthers4011d ago (Edited 4011d ago )

Everyone is so easily offended now a days. We gotta account for everyone FEELINGS or we might get sued. Why not just have all of the zombies in Africa be different races and dance around with sparklers.

@ above. I love RE 3. It was by far the scariest, so I could see it being someone favorite. Mine is personally either RE 2 or the remake of the original on the GC.

Megaton4011d ago

As if there aren't really black people who throw spears in Africa. The whole country doesn't look like South Africa you know. Everyone's wound up entirely way too tight for their own good these days.

@ the miniconvo about RE3: It's my 2nd favorite of the series, behind 2. Very underrated in my opinion.

Wenis4011d ago

I just wonder why no one would complain if the zombies were white.

andron4011d ago

I read the review in OPSM UK and they did mention that part of the game. It even has a picture from this segment in the review.

Don't know about other reviews, but it sounds strange that Capcom would do this to everyone but the Offical Playstation Magazine UK review...

PrimordialSoupBase4011d ago

@Lich120 No doubt there are better things to worry about, but if we were utilitarian about everything then we wouldn't even be, say, playing videogames or wasting time on websites now would we? That logic just doesn't stand.

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evrfighter4011d ago

capcom doesn't like black people.

celldomceen14011d ago (Edited 4011d ago )

everybody is so sensitive about other people being sensitive.

@kigmal OOOOOOOOOOOOO! You got me there buddy lol.

Bnet3434011d ago

actually everybody is sensitive about everybody being sensitive about people being sensitive. your mom is sensitive

timmyrulz4011d ago

They should have made RE5 more realistic, the baddies should have been jeep driving malitia sporting ak47's with little kids fcuked up on Heroin

N4Garbage4011d ago

We care why again?

Are Africans really that special that a fictional game can't depict there murder?

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