Update on FREE Xbox LIVE Arcade Texas Hold'em Poker Status...

Xbox LIVE's Major Nelson's (Larry Hyrb) latest podcast on Sunday, June 18th had quite a bit of content... One of the guest's was his good friend 'Ross' (no last name apparently), who works on the Xbox LIVE Arcade team. Of course the first questions coming to mind revolved around the pending release of Street Fighter on Xbox LIVE Arcade. Next big question on the podcast revolved around the free texas hold 'em poker game...

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Marriot VP5937d ago

BRING IT AWWWNNNN, I know they couldn't let people use real money but it do incredibly well if it did award Market place points.

YoJ1Mbo5936d ago

They could do some cool stuff with this. Give away points, games, and damn a tourney to get a wpt seat would be sweeet. ha, they could even give away their own bracelets (rubber prob) for big tourney wins, I'd sport one.

Thor1j15935d ago

Is running into some snags ms didnt forsee. Its just my opinion, but the problems with the download limit, lag, and pricing structures are lame.