IGN: Age of Conan Status Interview Pt 2

Age of Conan: Hyborian Adventures is Funcom's massively multiplayer title incorporating these three playable races and numerous other elements from the popular universe created decades ago by Robert E. Howard. Launched last May, it fared very well at retail, moving enough units to rank among 2008's top sellers. The critical response was also highly favorable positive. Here again, however, there were unseen issues, and it wasn't all that long before they became apparent. Game performance, the PvP experience, the quest element and the RPG system all became foci for users' complaints, and retention clearly fell below expectations, leading to server consolidations.

Of course, the Norwegian-based studio has been working hard all along to address these and various other concerns. Fortunately, Game Director Craig Morrison was willing to set aside enough time to answer IGN's questions on the project's current status.

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