Noodle Gamer Killzone 2 Review

After what seems like an age of waiting, after watching the hype and anticipation steamroll at a colossal pace. Finally on February 27th 2009 the deployment of troops to planet Helghan commenced and the war against the Helghast continued. That's right Guerrilla Games killer first person shooter, Killzone 2 has been released, but does it live up to expectation?

The first thing you're going to notice is how visually stunning this game looks. The graphics are literally jaw dropping, eye popping and pant wetting-ly good. From its urban and industrial setting to its Mars like desert, Helghan is the most visually pleasing waste hole you're ever likely to see. Cross a dilapidated demolition site, a rotting car junk yard and the beauty of a picturesque landscape and that's the planet Helghan.

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