Capcom Has a Surprise for Resident Evil fans with a Wii.

Capcom's Associate Product Marketing Manager, Matt Dahlgren has responded to Resident Evil 5 not releasing on the Wii by saying "It was made for the Xbox 360 and PS3. That being said, Nintendo Wii fans will be very happy very soon." So what could this surprise be? Resident Evil 5 made for the Wii? A remake? Only time will tell.

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Arsenic135077d ago (Edited 5077d ago )

RE2 Remake? If it is, im going to cry. I sold my Wii.

How could you disagree with my crying? How do you know what im gonna do?

Cwalat5077d ago

i'm hoping for a RE2 remake,
and hopefully some extended scenarios :O

wow that would be awesome.

but then again, when capcom says "we have a surprise" don't take it too serious, since i hate their surprises.

their last one.. "we have a huge surprise for you when you finish RE5" ended up being nothing more than mercenaries bonus.

some expected much much more.

(like a bonus gameplay mode with Jill playable, like Ada's sidemissions during RE4)

Chris3995077d ago

- 2 separate story-lines (and you had to play through both to get the "real" ending).
- A real sense of "survival": scarce ammo, scattered weaponry, not being able to fight EVERY adversary.
- Tonnes of CGI cutscenes. (Quite special back in the day.)
- Relatively layered but uncomplicated story.

Very much looking forward to a remake, if one is on the cards.

Oh, and to the OP, you sold your Wii?

Might want to consider picking one up again, the game announcements are coming fast and furious lately. Sure there will always be "bratz" and "babiez" and EA shovelware, but there ARE hardcore (and JRPG, my personal preference) titles showing up all over the place on the Wii and I expect the flood to increase, not abate.

skynidas5077d ago

Resident Evil: Code Veronica for the Wii.

Arsenic135077d ago

Really? Was that a joke? Its already on Gamecube.

PS360WII5077d ago

Well all the RE games are on the GC but only RE1 was remade for it.

s8anicslayer5077d ago

Thats funny, Kotaku says the same thing, they feel it's going to be a code veronica remake

PS360WII5077d ago

Hmmm well I know I want hear what they got for the Wii!

Arsenic135077d ago

maybe its just a "dumbed" down version of re5 in umbrella chronicles style.

PS360WII5077d ago

If they made another UC I'd like them to start where the other left off. It actually was a fun light gun game with a good difficulty as well.

Though a RE5 Wii edition would be cool. If that's the case I wish they'd tell us before the PS3/360 version came out for I'd get that one instead.

SinnedNogara5077d ago

For anyone who doubts the Wii's power is Read the blog and learn for yourself. Personally I would want to see some more Resident Evil. I rented RE4 weeks ago, and loved it.


They better not use the Resident Evil 4 engine. That engine doesn't push the Wii at all. The Wii is as powerful as 3 Xboxes, so they should use a engine with those specs. If they did that for Dead Rising Wii, there would be the 100 zombies on the screen at once. Dead Rising Chop till you drop isn't a zombie apocalype game, but a zombie inconvienience game.

Stu19815077d ago

I love how someone disagrees with my point, when it even says on the submission page...

"Always submit the url to the original story when possible, and the url should link directly to the content."

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