Two Worlds Screenshots

Six new looks at the upcoming RPG.

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Eternal E 8085800d ago

i was never realy interested in this game but its starting to look real good man the graphics look realistic its has much better graphics than oblivion but will its gameplay,creativity and story match oblivion or even come close? i just hope it dose and this will be a game not to be under looked.

Havince5799d ago

and it gets better and better. i just hope theyv sorted the sapparent SHODDY controls it had when testers tested it.

Raistlin5799d ago

If the gameplay comes close to matching the graphics and the online feature is pulled off smoothly, this game is going to catch a lot of people by suprise. The spell and weapon creation systems sound very promising. Everyone, including myself, is looking ahead to Mass Effect but the next great RPG may come out sooner than we all expected.