2009 Has Just Begun. Sony Hasn't Won Anything Yet

MattG of HipHopGamer writes:

Since the new year began, Playstation 3 fans have been all riled up constantly saying, "This is the year of the PS3. Sony is going to kill the Xbox 360 this year." While Sony may have the better lineup in 2009 at the moment, I wouldn't count out Microsoft or Nintendo just yet.

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Genesis54011d ago (Edited 4011d ago )

Sony is getting on a roll now. They have 20 in house development teams up and running and 2nd party teams like Sucker punch, Team Ico, Naughty Dog, Quantic Dream, Guerilla Games and Insomniac. It would be kind of intresting to here what MS has to counter this.

What the author mentions is a start. But don't you think they should let the public know what else they got?

UnwanteDreamz4011d ago (Edited 4011d ago )

They are right haven't won anything.

What did the winner of the last gen win? Nothing they don't hand out prizes.

Just one more way for attention who*es like HHG to get hits. I can't beleive I used to like that site.

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Blademask4011d ago (Edited 4011d ago )

Who's multiplatform games are rated higher.
Answer is Sony.

I'd love to see sony have the lineup that MS has had in 2008 & going into 2009 and see the gloom and doom articles, especially if all the exclusives scored so low. The media would have a field day. Remember when Metacritic was used by Microsoft to boast their games scoring higher, wonder if they will do that anymore. Every single one has been underwhelming. Sony couldn't get away with its games scoring below 90% and everyone here knows it.

Race Pro
Star Ocean
Halo Wars

Yep scores are meaningless, and the only reason I bring them up. Is because CNN/Cnet/Microsoft uses metacritic.

Right now arguing this is useless. You have a buncha lukewarm 360 titles and the hope of E3 to compete with sony's AAA lineup, and actual release dates. We all have to wait to see MS buy more games @ e3 to see the full lineup for 09. So far its multiplats. LP2, ME2, and the exclusive Megahit Ninja Blade. So i guess if you only have a 360 you have to wait until August is it? To participate in this conversation.

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soxfan20054010d ago (Edited 4010d ago )

Where was the "gaming media that wants Sony to fail" 4-6 years ago when PS2 was crushing Xbox by a 6:1 ratio? Some people just cannot accept the fact that PS3 is not outselling the competition - there must be a "conspiracy" behind it.

The media have, in general, always been on Sony's side. When Sony tried to derail the Dreamcast launch by announcing the PS2's specs over a year in advance, just as Dreamcast was about to be released, the media all went along for the ride. Sega fans back then were the ones complaining about media bias because everything was so pro-Sony. Also, remember the ridiculous claims that Saddam Hussein was trying to buy thousands of PS2's, presumably to use as missile launch computers? Every media outlet reported that story, and the "power" of the PS2 was mentioned not just on traditional gaming outlets, but network news as well. After that, everyone wanted a PS2. Sega and Microsoft never had a prayer last generation because of the pro-Sony media.

By the way, there was a LOT of anti-MS press regarding RROD. It was everywhere - gaming magazines, blogs, gaming sites, even national news. It was NOT ignored.

aceitman4010d ago (Edited 4010d ago )

1 u need to get your $hit correct before u speak ....
2 u say ohhh the ps3 is taking down the 360 than u say the 360 is taking down the ps3 what do u think when some watches your show that we only listen to the 360 part or the ps3 part u just look dumb when u talk trash about the other system u praise one system then trash the other in ps3 and 360 news ...
3 somethings u think u know but u really dont so when your on a podcast somewhere else watch what u say cause its going to catch up with u when u say something. like i said where gamers where not dumb we remember what u say and u should do the same when u speak
4 i did like your show for a while but your time has come to let it go or untill u get to know how to do a show and not smash what u say about 1 thing and say the opposite about the other and turn the tables thinking that fanboys only watch there system news on your show and if theres anyone that needs to get smashed its you ...
5 no im not a fanboy i have every system out and its about the games .but the troubles ive had with the 360 6 systems ms charging my credit card for things it should not have and it is slacking games 90 % of games are multi and sony and on my 1st ps3 strong and they are coming out strong and 60% of there games are multi and the other 40% are sony exclusives 6 the ps3 is actually selling better than the 360 check the vg charts the 360 sold almost 13,000,000 in 2 years and the ps3 sold almost 17,000,000 in the same time with a price drop and the games that are coming out the ps3 will pull up or past the 360
ps3 sales for 2yrs
360 sales for 2 years
fan boys or not the truth hurts and it will be the year of ps3
ps3 japan only from launch to feb 28th
360 from launch to feb 28th

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Montreafart4010d ago (Edited 4010d ago )

Thats just the simple truth.

2008 PS3 Triple As
MGS4 (reviewers praising this as best gen of the CENTURY)
LBP (a game so creative its swooped 8 of 9 DICE awards)
WipeOut HD
Resistance 2 (60 player fun)
Valkyria Chronicles (best RPG at the moment. No contest, it pounces every other next gen RPG on all consoles to the ground)

Gears of war 2 (broken online, poorly done game from a technical perspective and EPICs Bullshot pic lies are obvious now)

And....a bunch of multi platform titles.

GG fanboys.

There is no comparison. No matter how much you are going to lie to yourself or continue your existence in denial, the simple fact is that the PS3 had BY FAR the better library in 2008. 2008 belongs to the PS3.

And so will 2009 and beyond.

Killzone 2
Fat princess
Gran turismo 5
God of war 3
Heavy Rain
EyePet for the kids
Yakuza 3
Valkyria Chronicles expansion pack
White Knight Chronicles

The Watchmen blu ray
Ironman 2 blu ray
Harry potter 6 Blu Ray
Transformers 2 Blu Ray
Angels and demons Blu Ray
GI JOE blu ray
Wolverine Blu Ray
Captain America Blu Ray
Pirates 4 Blu Ray

Its done. PS3 is going to clean fking house. And anyone who didnt own a PS3 since MGS4, is severely PWNED.

Aquanox4010d ago

Finally HipHopGamer writes a non sensationalist article with quite a few well thought lines.

This is true and I don't get why the Sony boys refuse to see the obvious year after year. Microsoft is NOT going to sit down and see how anyone else takes their market. Heck even against Killzone 2 they have managed to fight back with varied software with extremely positive results. And this is only the begining. We know nothing about the rest of the year except for Halo ODST which doesn't even have a release date. Microsoft is being smart and saving the best for the right time.

Sony boys need to be way more cautious before proclaiming victory where only the first battle of the year has been taken care of.

JokesOnYou4010d ago (Edited 4010d ago )

Its ironic that most sony folks are the ones who claim the media is biased and how you can't trust reviews, now with ps3 having a few highly rated metacritic games suddenly you are touting the same culture you once said were all biased an in the pockets of microsoft. Sure the gaming press is here to give insight into the games we play but ultimately the gamers will decide whats revelant for them. YOU call Race Pro, Star Ocean, Halo Wars, Stoked medicore. Its an opinion a partially agree with for at least two of them but the way I see it is Race Pro and Stoked have more of a nitch fanbase appeal which usually doesn't bode well when it comes to metacritic scoring, and as for SO4, Halo Wars they are great games that any gamer interested in the genre will enjoy imo, but more importantly the harsh reality is all games fate is ultimately decided by the gaming community and what they spend their money on, you ranting about how micro is getting away with mediocrity is pointless, who made you the judge?, sony's games are only so much better in your mind, you say micro touted metacritic, so what? just like sony touts sales when their on top, and for the record metacritic and gamerankings have always been hit or miss for games actual value simply because the media while being game fans their tastes aren't always revelant to what gamers care about in todays games....which although there are many aspects that contribute to a games appeal the thing thats never changed is gamers just buy whats FUN. What do you think is more important a games score or whether or not people actually go out and buy it?

Sometimes the elite media forget that concept and knock games for all sorts of abstract reasons and stuff that doesn't matter a whole lot to the intended audience for example 1up gave SO4 a B-, which translates somehow to a 67 on metacritic, yet their only real gripe is the voice acting which is common to most jrpg's, simply because basicly there are all sorts of nuances in the Japanese language that dont translate well when converted to English. I have no arguement with their score at all, I'm just saying the review(words) itself isn't a big deal since most jrpg fans are not too critical of "rambling monologues", they sort of expect it to be somewhat "cheesy" if you will. It's nothing to do with biased its just the simple fact some journalist are out of touch with the gaming community and rate some games high or low based old loyalties or nostalgia from their early days of gaming, they aren't always right. Thankfully most of the time gamers will gravitate more to whats FUN, and less to what scores well and eventually the media will catch on like they always do.....when they write those thought provoking articles *after the fact about why game "A" did better than expected.


y0haN4010d ago

Can we limit the number of times a certain site can be posted here or something please?


GWAVE4010d ago

Sony didn't win anything? A game called "Killzone 2" says Hello. It shut the mouths of every hater in the industry and many people are still scratching their heads, trying to figure out a new way to hate on Sony.

The Lazy One4010d ago

just wow. I don't understand how after 2007 and 2008 with the 360 being in the same position before any of the major game conferences, you can really not expect them to have a decent lineup come fall.

they'll both have good lineups, and the 3rd party multi platform lineup will be better than either exclusive lineup.



everything i said since last time i was here has come true.

slayorofgods4010d ago

Who cares 2009 is a recession year that everyone wants to end. That said Sony and Microsoft have two different strategies in dealing with the economic downturn. Microsoft is downsizing their gaming department and focusing on fixing their windows vista mistake (which created alot of people switching to mac)with windows 7. Microsoft isn't expecting much revenue from their gaming department so no big gaming projects are going to be done in 2009. Sony can't rely on selling electronics seeing how electronic stores are in bad shape with Circuit City closing down ect. So they are using the PS3 as a platform to sell things such as plasma t.v.'s. Therefore, they are merging branches into their gaming department.

Arnon4009d ago (Edited 4009d ago )

Who has the higher rated exclusives? - Xbox 360

Who has the higher rated multi-platform games? - Xbox 360

Where do you pull this info from?

Xbox 360 exclusives:

-Braid - 93/100
-Forza Motorsport 2 - 90/100
-Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Advanced Warfighter - 90/100
-Mass Effect - 93/100
-Grand Theft Auto IV: The Lost & Damned - 90/100
-Halo 3 - 94/100
-Gears of War - 94/100
-Gears of War 2 - 93/100
-Geometry Wars Retro Evolved 2 - 90/100
-Portal: Still Alive - 90/100

Xbox 360 Multi-platform:

-BioShock - 96/100
-The Orange Box - 96/100
-Oblivion - 94/100
-Fallout 3 - 93/100
-Guitar Hero 2 - 92/100
-Rockband 2 - 92/100

Playstation 3 exclusives:

-Little Big Planet - 95/100
-Metal Gear Solid 4 - 94/100
-Killzone 2 - 91/100

Playstation 3 multi-platform:

-Street Fighter IV - 94/100

This is only going by the scores that have a 90+ average. Which is, you know, the HIGHEST RATED GAMES. Now, if you were to go by the highest rated exclusives % of ALL games.. then yes, it probably does due to the fact that the 360 has about twice as many exclusives for the console. But multi-platform? No. There's about 6-7 games that are multi-platform that have a higher score on the PS3 than the 360.


"Yep scores are meaningless"

You just completely contradicted yourself with that statement. You say scores are meaningless, yet you seem to pull the scores of multi-platform games and exclusives for the PS3 from... where, exactly?

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Zeus Lee4011d ago

Who said Sony have won anything : | ?

MattG4011d ago

I'm not going to name certain sites, but there are some sites that have said, " There is nothing the 360 can do to match the PS3 this year. The 360 has no good games in 2009."

That motivated me to write the article. It wasn't just small times sites either. Some are very well respected

hitthegspot4011d ago (Edited 4011d ago )

Why not list your sources? What sites are you using to get your info? A google of both of your statements returns squat. I'm just wondering what set you off to write your story.

v1c1ous4010d ago

5 minutes in N4G will show you sony fanboys already touting the red carpets for sony's comeback.

just look at the japan sales topic.

wait till Monster hunter 3 hits wii though. then reality sets in.

same thing happened last year though. 2008 was supposed to be the year ps3 outsold everything and was on track to #1. Bzzt!

Microsoft Xbox 3604010d ago (Edited 4010d ago )

Yeah but it doesn't say anything about Sony winning anything. lol. You are getting riled up about other articles praising the PS3, yet your site (HHG) is the one doing all the hype. MattG and the rest of the HHG crew are nothing but unprofessional.

ThatCanadianGuy4010d ago


Here's an idea..instead of posting your random thoughts on N4G via hiphopflamershow

Why don't you just use the blog section here on N4G? know..your OPINION =/= news.

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Lucas254011d ago (Edited 4011d ago )

Hip Hop Gamer sucks. lets get tnis website off

cliffbo4011d ago

considering Hiphop has admitted he favours the PS3, does he know that every article so far from his site (written by other people)are negative towards the PS3. i'm starting to dislike his site a lot and that is going to have a knock on effect with his regular viewers.

senerock4010d ago

u not with me = WAR

The Lazy One4010d ago

have you read any of hydrol1x's posts there? They are often insanely sony biased. I'm guessing Mattg is on to provide a little more balance to the site.

Lucas254011d ago

i don't care what console they like better, there worse than vgchartz.