Street Fighter IV and the Defenseless Genre

If Capcom wanted to add time-dependent resources to SF2's spatial resources, that's wonderful, but make it fatigue or anger or smugness or overconfidence, and animate it in the character's body language and facial expressions, not some abstract gauge far from the player's focal point.

Then there's the over-reliance on magic attacks. Supers, specials, whatever you call them, they've almost completely supplanted the basic punches and kicks. The magic attacks themselves require a dexterity test of the player, where anyone could walk up and play 95% of SF2.

Fighting games have always had many offensive options. What they need now is to balance that with some defensive options.

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kornbeaner4008d ago (Edited 4008d ago )

Whine article. Proper timing and proper use of the focus attack will do wonders in SF4. This guy is a noob, fvk'm