PALGN: Halo Wars Review

PALGN writes: "There are some who say that there hasn't been a good real-time strategy game on a console yet. Unfortunately, Halo Wars does nothing to prove them wrong. While it definitely captures the look and feel of the Halo universe quite well, there are just far too many simplifications and limitations to make it more than just an average RTS. If you're new to the strategy genre, and have enjoyed the Halo series, it's conceivable that you might like parts of the game, despite the short single-player campaign and repetitive multiplayer. There are measures of clever thought that have gone into the game, and there are definitely some unlockable rewards to be found if you stick with it. It's just not a game that is deep enough, or just plain enjoyable enough for you to want to stick with it. It's sad, but Halo Wars is neither truly great nor truly terrible, instead settling for the mediocre middle, unfamiliar territory for both Ensemble and the Halo franchise".

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JokesOnYou3999d ago

with just about everything this review says but hey you win some you lose some.