Rumor: Activision preparing Guitar Hero: Van Halen

Joystiq writes:"You wanna be privy to some exclusive, top secret information? Though it may sound like our usual brand of preposterous, blogger rabble rousing, we have reason to believe that Activision is working on ... another Guitar Hero game. It's true! Sources say that this next Guitar Hero will come out after the next Guitar Hero comes out."

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psman0124008d ago

It would be especially cool if it was just a Van Halen album available only on the PSN/Xbox Live. I don't think another whole $60 for another Guitar Hero on just Van Halen is worth it.

Myst4008d ago

What is going on and who is making all these choices to make so many Disc based Guitar Hero games? Makes me wonder how much money the company will be losing because of all these disc based games being released so close together; rather than simply putting them up as DLC. :/

Smacktard4008d ago

Cool. Van Halen is awesome. This is the only GH disc-based "expansion pack" game I could 100% get behind.