Rumor Killers: Army of Two 2, COD: MW 2 Details, and Champions Online PS3

Army of Two 2 on the way?, Leaked details on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2? Champions Online coming to PS3?

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cain1413540d ago

Army of 2 2 could be interesting...

SirLarr3540d ago

Yeah I enjoyed the first one quite a bit. I wish they had kept more of the irreverent humor in though, it felt a little disconnected.

SirLarr3540d ago

Although wait, it should be Army of FOUR.

Face Palm3539d ago

Why is this called "Rumor Killers" when they never have any proof that the rumors are false?

Shouldn't it be "Rumor: Rumor Killers"

y0haN3539d ago

Face Palm rumours are innocent until proven guilty.

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VirtualKatz3540d ago

COD MW 2 looks awesome I really didnt like Army of 2

cain1413540d ago

I can't wait for CoD MW2

maverick11913540d ago

ive already pre ordered COD MW2 on Shopto the release date is the same as 13th November but who cares i cant wait for it

SlamVanderhuge3540d ago

I cant wait for Army of Two 2...still have to beat AoT1, actually. Anyone up for some coop?!??

A HiFi3540d ago

Modern Warfare list seems very dodgy. I doubt the P90 will disappear.

il-mouzer3539d ago

i love the gun, especially in css

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