AtomicGamer: Halo Wars Review

It'd be so much easier to discount this game if it wasn't as good as it truly is, or if it had failed to recreate the look, sound, and overall attitude of Bungie's classic series from a top-down RTS perspective. It'd be easy to hate this game if there were no Spartans or if they just stood there and shot at stuff like a brainless Starcraft space marine. But it's much better than that, and yet AtomicGamer can't play it without immediately wanting to eject the disc and play the game this one was based on.

And maybe that's Ensemble's biggest success here: that the interface and controls, usually the worst part of a console RTS game and the one that gets talked about the most in game reviews for this genre, were the farthest thing from their mind here after a few minutes of learning them. Now, it's time to go back to Halo 3 and start on a solo Legendary campaign.

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SasanovaS7774011d ago

its so funny how many people give credit to the controls yet dont mention this game isnt an RTS at all...there is no strategy in this game what so ever, and the reason for the easy controls is because of it. any retard can go into an FPS and take out the guns and call it a shooter

JokesOnYou4010d ago (Edited 4010d ago )

So it isn't an RTS because they made the controls intuitive for console and according to you theres no strategy involved. Yeah, OK have you even played it? lmfao, Basicly all they did was take strategy genre and make it more of an accessible for people who understand traditional RTS like me but don't like micro-managing every aspect of the game, instead they said why not take the approach where we focus less on building, and resources management but instead take the basics of those same RTS principles and let you do more attacking and defending, there is plenty strategy in Halo Wars its just not following in the traditional footsteps of your typical RTS. I for one think its a refreshing dose of medicine for those of us who've been waiting for a great RTS on a console.

Listen if you're a big PC RTS junkie and you don't like the simplicity of HW's gameplay, then I think saying so is fine, nothing is for everybody but saying its not a RTS and that there is no strategy involved just to downplay the strong point of this game is ridiculous, *UNfortunately, its people like you who think any deviation in the standard formula of what YOU expect out of a particular genre is less of a game, *Fortunately dev's like Ensemble know better and they have clearly demonstrated it with Halo Wars.